What is Work Fever?

Open plan offices have become the norm in the evolving world of office space all in the name of open communication and productivity. However, there are still many businesses that insist on cubicles for staff, thereby promoting work fever – actually cubicle fever – felt by so many these days. Being cut off from others in a space that promotes nothing but work, work, work and more work is famously leading to cubicle fever which has some debilitating symptoms.

The whole thing about work fever when you’re chained to a cubicle desk is that it actually promotes anxiety and stress for many. Working in a cubicle with your back to the “door” and no contact with your colleagues, and only the clatter of keyboards and phones ringing, with intermittent silence, seven to eight hours a day, five to six days a week, would make anyone go postal.

Work Fever Symptoms

Work fever symptoms are linked to anxiety. Racing pulse, perspiration sliding down your back, feeling a little faint, it’s all relative to your work fever. Like panic attacks, you may start to fret about when it will happen again. People approaching you from behind in your cubicle, does not do anything to make the feeling of work fever better and some sufferers find themselves becoming jittery. It’s unnatural to work in a confined space all day with minimal interaction and only a dreary grey partition to stare at. Matrix, anyone?

Alleviating the symptoms of work fever does not entail taking the red or blue pill and going down the rabbit hole, but it does require some serious effort on your part to interact with your colleagues a bit more, taking music to work, or at the absolute worst, finding a new job.

work fever

Spruce up your cubicle. Giving your personal space more personality goes a long way to alleviating work fever. Just like your home is your sanctuary that you like to be comfortable in, you need to consider your work space in the same vein.

Go for a walk every day. Walking clears the cobwebs and is quite refreshing. Some people are unfortunately chained to their desks with different tasks, and work fever easily sets in when they allow themselves to be anchored. Everyone is entitled to a lunch hour. Take it. It’s important.

Go for lunch with work mates every day. Even if you guys take lunch on a bench outside the building; it goes a long way to helping keep the work fever at bay. Trying to get in that extra task only serves to create more panic and anxiety and, inevitably, another work fever attack of perspiration and that feeling of not being able to breathe.

Many people have found themselves looking for more amenable positions at companies that encourage team building and pro-active work stations. Open-plan offices go a long way to promoting productivity, boost morale and alleviating work fever. Considering you spend up to 70% of your live at work, you have to ensure that the company works for you too.

Vida Denning is a freelance writer currently doing a writing temp at office space in San Francisco. It’s an open-plan office with plenty of communication which is great for bouncing ideas and asking for advice.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/anijdam/2678110841/

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