What is the recipe for a happy marriage?

If you are reading this you have probably checked out other websites in your search for what is the exact recipe for a happy marriage. As you probably already know, everyone’s recipe for a happy marriage differs from everyone else’s. Why is this? Well, the question, ‘what is the recipe for a happy marriage’ is intrinsically a subjective one. People are different. Different people have different values. Also, different relationships are going through different situations and circumstances. What works in one situation might not work in another. What is the recipe for a happy marriage for one couple might be the exact recipe for disaster for another. Still, there are certain common threads that can be found in the recipe for a happy marriage. These common threads apply to enough relationships that they are worth listing here. Still, take these with a grain of salt. At the very least, be prepared to tweak them a little bit so they make the most sense in your particular relationship and situation.

Sometimes your spouse just needs to get stuff off his or her chest

Partners sometime love to talk. And talk. And talk. You might think that your partner has a serious issue he or she wants to resolve. You might even feel pushed to do whatever it takes to help your partner. Don’t. In many cases, your partner is just venting. Whether it is an issue at work or an issue with a relative or other issues, partners often talk. They are just venting and in many cases, ranting. Let them do it. Just be a sounding board. When your partner actually wants you to do something, he or she will ask you. Instead, be sure to show your support by listening and asking questions that guide your partner to resolving what he or she is feeling.

Learn the art of active listening

Th art of active listening is all about asking the right questions. By guiding your partner thorough potentially complicated and confusing issues, you will help your partner gain some emotional perspective and clarity. The key is no tot jump in there and pretend you know the answer. Chances are you don’t. Instead, just listen and hear your partner out. This is one of the most common ingredients in the recipe for a happy marriage. Your ability to listen is worth more than your skills in the sack or your cooking skills.

Judge less, understand more

For many people looking for the recipe for a happy marriage, one of the most common themes they keep running across in their search for elusive answers is the question of judgment. Too many spouses judge. Seriously. As a result, they often say hurtful words. Instead of judging or thinking you have a situation all figured out, wrap your mind around the possibility that you might not have all the answers and you just need to listen more. The recipe for a happy marriage involves the ability to properly listen. When you have understood enough, you can then judge. Not a second too soon. Otherwise, making a mistake is just too easy.

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