What is the Blank Canvas in Humans’ Lives

Different people may see the blank canvas as many different things. Some may just look at its blankness whereas others would be able to see much more in its depth.

How can a blank canvas be incorporated in someone’s life?

The blank canvas is the embodiment of purity, innocence and truthfulness and both we and our actions define what would be more in our lives – the awful darkness of the black colour or the pure white colour that makes our world brighter and a better place. The existence of people, everyone’s personal history and the future of our planet are all a type of blank canvas and we are the only ones that can modify it and make changes to it. Many people believe in fate but no one knows whether it exists. However, one thing is certain – even if there is a destiny we are the ones that can modify it and our choices definitely have a purpose as we are the only ones that can change the courses of our lives.

The blank canvas can be a metaphor of the human life itself as our lives are exactly as white as it is. Everyone fills his own canvas with different personal stories, great and not so great moments, love and friendships and absolutely everything we do. The blank canvas is the place where our actions are marked no matter whether we categorize them as things we are proud of or as things we do not want to share with anyone.

blank canvas

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Is a child like a blank canvas too?

Every single child on the planet is just as much a blank canvas as we all are. For children this may even be more valid as they are not yet formed as personalities and they are still unable to distinguish good from bad. That is why parents are so important. These are the people that would put a mark on this child’s blank canvas and this mark would form the child’ personality for its whole future life. If this is a mark that has placed the basics of the normal social life then this child would definitely develop as a great person that knows how to deal with people and knows how to act as a good person. However, if the mark is not that good the chance that the child would turn into a great person is highly reduced. In such cases there is another option – the child may not be able to communicate well enough with people, may be aggressive or even worse – may begin stealing, threatening or attacking people. This is the main reason why parents are so important.

The human life is the blank canvas that is filled with our losses and victories. It is also filled with our personal dramas and our happiest moments. It is even filled with those little things we do not even notice most of the time but that have a huge effect on us and on our personal features. Everything we do and everything we think of changes us a little bit. That is why a person can change but it is much harder to write over a fully written canvas than to write on a blank canvas.

The blank canvas as a metaphor for the human life is something that has to make all of us think twice before doing something and make a very good evaluation of our past, present and future actions. If you visit http://www.artistsblankcanvas.co.uk you will be able to understand more about canvases.

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