What Can A Private Investigator Do?

Due to the current change in the economy, private investigators are becoming more popular than ever. The financial difficulties that more and more people are now facing are in some cases causing the once honest working person to try to undertake scams in order to gain themselves financial profits from merely claiming they are sick or injured.

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Benefit fraud
In recent times there was a man reprimanded for benefit fraud after being caught by a private investigator. The individual claimed he was too ill to work due to the extensive damage that he had sustained to his back from a car crash. The man in question had been claiming benefits for years and the private investigator was sent out to see if he was telling the truth and if he was truly home-ridden due to the pain. The investigator followed the man from his house to his local Sunday football team’s training ground. The private investigator then videoed the man playing a competitive match of Sunday league football against another team, which he not only played in but also scored three goals in, showing that he was more than fit to perform physical activities and more than capable to work. The man in question was then summoned to court where the judge was presented with the evidence before revoking his benefit and fining him for being a benefit cheat.  The judges that are involved in these cases are now coming down very hard on the people committing the crimes and fining them large amounts of money as a deterrent to others to not to do the same.

Another common use for private investigators is to follow suspected unfaithful partners. This has now become so popular there is actually a TV programme on it where a private investigator is tipped off by one of the people in the relationship and is told to follow the other partner. It often makes for good television for people who like real-life drama.

People who are getting divorced also use private investigators and this is so that they can try to find reasonable grounds to divorce their partners without having to pay as much in the settlement. If one partner can prove that the other person was unfaithful in the court of law then technically that person is then at fault for the marriage failing and should be rewarded much less in the settlement.

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