What Are The Benefits Of Using A Pneumatic Drill?

If you have not heard of a pneumatic drill then it is almost certain that you will have heard one being put to use in various situations. A drill of the pneumatic variety is one that gains its necessary power from compressed air. There are a number of different varieties of pneumatic drill but perhaps the most typical one is the type that also gets referred to often as a jackhammer. Many tasks arise that require the use of a pneumatic drill due to the numerous advantages it has.

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A cost effective method

You find pneumatic drills used often in construction tasks and suchlike, as well as when something needs to be broken down, frequently in roadworks. There are some considerable financial reasons behind their use and these include the fact that it does not require electricity to function. While compressed air powers the drill it should also be noted that the compressor used for running it does use gas. The compressor does not however use a continuous supply, instead requiring more sporadic blasts of power in order to work.

Cheaper to sustain

In terms of the pneumatic drill’s design, it is not overly complex with regard to how many different parts it has. With this the case it means that there is much less possibility of separate parts encountering difficulties that require expensive repair. The issue of maintenance is a key area in which a pneumatic drill holds an advantage over the electric kind. If the drill is of the air variety then it obviously does not need to have an electrical motor. These motors require attention at certain intervals but pneumatic drills skip this need, requiring simply to be oiled from time to time.

Easier to operate

The reduced amount individual of parts which go into making a pneumatic drill also results in a much less heavier overall weight. As there is no direct current motor used (as there is in an electrical drill) the weight of the drill is reduced significantly and this in turn makes it far less straining on those who use it for sustained periods. Operating a pneumatic drill is a repetitive job to be in charge of and how heavy the item is will affect how much work the person can conceivably get through, as well as the specific type of individual that can be given the task, for example how strong they may need to be. Users of pneumatic drills need a thorough safety briefing before using a drill for the first time, they must wear protecting clothing including ear defenders.

Article written by Alan Nogan on behalf of the suppliers of pneumatic fittings and other engineering industry materials – http://www.alphacontrols.co.uk.

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