Volunteering at an Elderly Care Home

Volunteering is a perfect way of giving back to the society. It is also an ample opportunity to share your musical skills. You can choose to volunteer in various institutions like hospices, pet stores, animal shelters, environmental causes or elderly care homes. Elderly care homes are places where elderly people spend the rest of their lives. They are always lonely and wish to have some company. Their movements are also restricted, which makes their lives all the more boring.


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This is why your musical skills could bring the gloss to their sunset years. As a musician, you can sign up for a volunteering venture at various elderly homes. Here, you will get an opportunity to share your artistic talent with the residents. Just because they are aging does not mean that these people have lost their love for music. Music has the desired effect of brightening the life of humans—it is like food to the soul.

As part of your volunteering activity, you can brighten up their days by belting out some of your tunes. By entertaining them, you will be gifting them with a renewed sense of belonging on earth. Just by listening to your lyrics, your music could be inspiring enough to enable them overcome the stresses of being in old age. They could even sum up the courage to tackle any challenges of old age.

If you know how to play a musical instrument, then this could also come in handy. Musical instruments have the same effect as your lyrics; they sooth the heart and bring solace. You can volunteer by teaching these senior citizens how to play these instruments. This is also the same case with singing; you could teach them to sing along to some of your tunes.

Your lessons would prove helpful when they are bored or stressed and you are not around. These elderly people can play these instruments by themselves. As a musical genius, you could also assume the role of a musical therapist. This way, you can go a long way in alleviating their emotional or mental problems. A case in point is the Alzheimer’s disease where your music could help them cope with it. Furthermore, your musical background could prove influential in accentuating their communication abilities, cognitive skills and physical capabilities.

Elderly people normally want to relive their past. Part of their past includes the hits that used to thrill them. With your musical skills in tow, you can transport them back to their past. You can do renditions of these songs and flood their minds with the lovely memories of their yesteryears. Also, part of your volunteering may involve memory volunteering. This is where you jog these people’s memories using music as a tool. Music has the desired outcome of scaling the barriers that elderly people would most likely place upon themselves.

Some of these senior citizens love to read but cannot do so because of poor eyesight. Granted, reading can be a tiresome and boring sometimes. You can choose to make it interesting by making it musical. By adding rhythm to it, you will help the elderly person to understand it better. It also makes it easier for them to remember the stories.

You should also make a musical CD and offer them to these people. This way, they can listen to your music all the time. Volunteering is a gratifying exercise for you; there is the satisfaction of earning new fans among the elderly. You can take pride in netting a new target audience in the form of senior citizens. Above all, you will be making a positive difference in their lives.

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