Use Affirmations To Take Your Life To The Next Level

Practice key affirmations daily. These are statements you say to yourself, either verbally or non verbally. Whatever the case may be, you focus your attention on them so your consciousness lines up with them. Affirmations are essentially personal reprogramming. You take control over your life when you verbalize it.

You know your present personal reality and you’re obviously not happy with them. When you affirm certain things to yourself, you are saying that in no uncertain terms that you’re taking control over your life. You are taking ownership of how your life is playing out. Unfortunately, most people would rather live their lives on autopilot. They live based on assumptions and expectations, often times these expectations are set by other people. Given this reality, it’s no surprise that most people are unhappy at some level or another.

Affirmations enable you to go against this. Instead, when you practice effective affirmations, you are taking control over your life because you are reprogramming it based on parameters that you yourself have consciously chosen. These were not chosen by your parents and these are not reactions to bad experiences that you’ve had before. Instead, these are distinct personal choices that you make to take ownership of your personal reality. This is an act of power.

Unfortunately, in the United States and other places, there is a negative media portrayal of affirmations. On one hand, people are quick to dismiss it as some sort of self deception. On the other, a lot of people think that it is essentially worthless. Thankfully, both of these judgements are false.

Practice affirmations. You have to consciously train your mental and psychological faculties to a reality you choose. This is not chosen based on anyone or anything but you. It is not impossible. This is not an act of fantasy, but instead an act of responsibility, power and self ownership. Here are some effective tips on how to craft and practice powerful affirmations.

Choose to believe

Regardless of what you say to yourself, affirmations will not help you if you believe that what you’re doing is a waste of time. Belief is crucial to affirmations.

If somebody kept telling you you’re ugly and stupid, you won’t be ugly and stupid if you don’t believe it. If people keep saying that you have a low IQ and that you’re retarder, it won’t have much of an effect if you don’t believe it. To borrow a phrase from Eleanor Rooselevelt, nobody can make you feel miserable without your permission. That’s the power of belief.

You have to believe what you are affirming about yourself and that these can change your reality. To ensure this belief, you have to understand how spoken reality interacts with lived reality.

When we live out our realities, we are essentially acting out of habits. Sure, from time to time we would tell ourselves to stop doing certain things that aren’t good for us. That’s great. But the problem is, that’s just an intellectual realization and there’s still the physical reality. Unless these two line up, nothing’s going to change. Affirmations have bridged these two realities.

You can clearly understand what the kind of changes you need to make. However, until you repeat them enough so that they make emotional sense, nothing will change.

Affirmation process is simply lining up these two very powerful processes. You can intellectually realize all sorts of truths and grasp what you would do. But unless you repeat them long enough so that they make practical sense, to the other side of your being which is your emotional side, you will never get the emotional urgency you need to make real changes. That’s how it works.

This is not magic nor hocus pocus. Not even self hypnotizing. Affirmations simply work with how your brain is wired. Usually people who are losers do not act like it on day one. They have people to keep telling them that they’re losers for them to start believing.

You can reverse this whole process through affirmations. Repetition is crucial but, it won’t work unless you believe in not only the content of your affirmations, but in the process of affirming your desired reality. These two go hand in hand.

The bad news

There is no magic mantra when it comes to affirmation. It’s not like I can come up with an affirmation that will make sense to all people of all backgrounds. That would be magical thinking. Instead, you should focus on affirmations that makes sense in your life.

Just like when the Buddah achieved enlightenment by focusing on the specifics of his life under the Bodhi tree, you should also focus on affirmations that relate distinctly to you. All spiritual figures in history, even Jesus Christ, had to go through a personal moment of doubt, crisis, and truth. That’s where real affirmations come from. You must go through the same.

In Christianity, Christ went through a fast to detoxify Himself of the world. Similarly, you have to go through many false affirmations to truly zero in on what is real to you and focus on that. Unfortunately, I cannot hand you that affirmation because it must be finely tailored to the circumstances of your life. Again, just like the Buddha, it has to be specific to where you been, where you are, and where you like to go. Regardless, there are certain common parameters of affirmations that you need to be mindful of when crafting your own personalized statement.

Take note of the following objective criteria for effective affirmations

As I’ve mentioned earlier, your affirmation must be personalized to you. Only you can come up with the ultimate shape and form, as well as content of your affirmation. However, there are five objective criteria you should consider when crafting your personal affirmations. These are habits that I will overcome, habits that I will follow, what I am unique in, what will relax me and a statement that you are always open to accept change.

Habits that you will overcome

This is pretty self-explanatory. You’re reading this book because you are not fully happy and content with your life. Believe me, I understand.

Life is essentially painful. Don’t let anybody fool you into thinking otherwise. In life, it’s a struggle to know your real self and where you’re headed. Because all of us are going to die, every day we wake up is one step closer to the death we eventually have coming to us. We’re all going to have to struggle and confront that reality. Some are deeper than others. Others are superficial and some are more profound, and that’s okay.

Understand that we all share this reality. Death is the only constant. So when you wrap your mind around that, look at the habits that you need to overcome with that reality and it will help to stop preventing you from that sense of self awareness that you need to transcend so that you can start living a life of power.

These habits can be physical habits like addiction to sex, drugs, and alcohol. Those can also be emotional habits like narcissism, anger issues, and insecurities. Understand where these habits come from and their content. Most importantly, accept the fact that you need to overcome them. Take ownership and stop running away from them.

Habits that I will follow

This is a little bit harder. It’s easy to see the habits that drag us down and pull us back. It’s easy to see the negative habits. But it’s harder to look at habits that will take our lives to a much higher level.

I’ve already stated that you should maintain a journal, wake up early, meditate, practice visualization, exercise daily, and get enough sleep. These are very important habits. But you should also consider the others. These other habits can turbo charge your sense of self-awareness and your ability to transcend the limitations of yourself.

Again, there is no golden road map to these other habits. You have to identify them yourself based on the content of your life.

Be aware of what makes you truly unique

When crafting a powerful affirmation, you need to also zero in on your unique selling proposition. What makes you special? You have to understand that this is a hard question to ask because all of us, at some level or another, are fairly generic. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to focus on the similarity. Too many of us are left with a conclusion that we are essentially interchangeable.

The truth is there is only one of you. There are maybe people that look like you, or even people who talk and seem to think like you, but at the end of the day, there’s only one you. There’s no one that came before, that was exactly like you, and there won’t be another person that will come after that will be just like you. You are unique.

Zero in on this point of uniqueness. Come up with a fairly long list of what you think makes you unique. Use these to inform and shape your daily affirmations.

When you focus on your uniqueness, you’re essentially celebrating what is worthwhile about you. You’re basically saying to yourself, “This is why I exist. This is why I cannot just be killed today, because the world will miss these things if I die.”

I will relax my body and mind by doing these

Understand that when you practice effective affirmations, you relax your body and mind because you are now flowing with a purpose that you’ve set for yourself.

People are unhappy, lack contentment, and wallow on dissatisfaction precisely because they are unhappy with the life they live. Maybe they don’t make enough money or they feel unloved and unwanted. Maybe they feel that they’re not living up to their fullest potential. In other words, they’re focusing on something that’s missing. They’re focusing on what could be improved instead of what’s going right with their lives..

By thinking of your purpose, you relax your mind. You free yourself from this mental rollercoaster. It really is a roller coaster because you keep going around circles and it doesn’t go anywhere. It seems like the more speed and power you put into it, the faster you get back to where you started. It’s pointless. You need to transcend this by allowing yourself to relax and take comfort and assurance from the fact that you sent your own direction.

This is the ultimate act of power because when you say to yourself, “I am setting a life that I myself have chosen”, you are taking control over your life. Nothing has a hold on you and nobody no longer controls you. Whatever happened in the past doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all you.

This leads to relaxation because you can now unclench your mental and emotional messes. Instead of dwelling on things that you cannot help nor control, you focus more on the purpose you yourself have personally chosen for yourself.

I am always open to accept the change

This type of affirmation lights the fuse for the whole affirmation process.

Let me tell you. You can come up with all sorts of amazing insights and revelations about your life and where it should lead. Unfortunately, all of that would be a waste of time if you do not accept the change that these affirmations demand.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, when you’re practicing affirmations, you are practicing an act of power. This is not you just rattling off wishful thinking. This is not magical thinking by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, you are reprogramming your personal reality. But the key that drives the power of affirmations to actually change your physical reality is openness.

This is crucial. You have to open your mind to these affirmations and accept them. Because if you continue to resist, you will always be of a split line. There are many religious books throughout history that say if you are split-lined, nothing will happen to you. This makes all the sense in the world.

It’s one thing for the mind to think something and the heart to think another. If they do not line up, nothing is going to happen. You have to accept whatever affirmation you’ve come up with. This not only requires belief, but also emotional acceptance. This would produce the power of clarity that will change you across the board. Not only would it enhance your focus, but it would also change your health for the better.

Customizing affirmations involving five key areas of your life

Now that you have a clear understanding of the five types of affirmations above, you also have to concentrate on this so you can come up with secondary affirmations that apply to five areas of your life: health, your ability to believe, your power of faith, your mental and emotional clarity and your ability to focus.

You have to tie in the five affirmations of that. Use the revelations to craft affirmations regarding five secondary topics involving health, belief, faith, clarity, and focus. These affirmations reinforce each other and create an upward spiral of belief.

Make no mistake, you can choose your reality through affirmations. What starts out as an idea can eventually turn into something you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. In other words, by changing your thought patterns, you change your living reality.

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