Turning Daily Exercise Into a Habit Is Not As Hard As You Think

I don’t mean to scare you, but if you really want to change your life and take things to the next level, you need to make a habit of exercising.

I know a lot of people are scared of exercise because they automatically associate it with some sort of discomfort. Believe me, I understand all of that.

But here’s the thing, by “exercise,” you don’t necessarily have to hit the gym and do 1,000 bench presses. You don’t necessarily have to turn into some sort of iron man triathlete overnight. You can take baby steps. It all boils down to you committing to some level of exercise day after day. As long as you can commit and follow through, that is good enough.

You don’t have to run a marathon. It can be something as basic and simple as walking around your block. As long as you do it day after day, week after week, month after month, that is good enough.

Because you have to understand that this is all about commitment. If you are able to commit to exercise, you train your body to pump a certain amount of oxygen into its system every day, as well as your mind. You’re training yourself to commit more and more.

The good news about exercise is that even baby steps are still steps forward. You don’t have to be a hero and run a marathon the first time you exercise. There’s no need for that. You just need to be more active than you are normally.

Again, there’s no right or wrong answer here because this is your life. This is a personal decision. What’s important is that you pick a form of exercise at a certain level of intensity that makes sense to you.

What makes sense to you? Something that you can commit to.

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