Turn your Bedroom into a Luxurious Romantic Retreat

Forget about booking a romantic getaway and turn your bedroom into a luxurious romantic retreat within a day. Nobody should wait for a special occasion to relax. That’s why, when my new down comforters arrived last week, I decided it was high time for a bedroom remodel. Here are a few pointers for those who are unsure how to combine beauty and function.

Start with a comfortable bed. You don’t have to invest in a new mattress to make your bed as comfortable as a luxury hotel bed. Simply focus on three additions: linens with a high thread-count, down comforters and lots of pillows. A duvet adds softness to the bed as well as adding color to the room. Floral patterns are commonly associated with romance, but they can be mixed with bold stripes and other patterns. Patterned throw pillows are ideal for adding romance to any room. Popular colors include moss green, sky blue and neutral tones.

After you’ve styled the bed, consider removing items that are worn, outdated and otherwise cluttering the room. The bed should be the center of attention. Remove televisions and computers from the room so rest and relaxation are the only order or business.

Create romantic lighting. Lamps bring ambience to a room unlike ceiling lighting. Add scented candles and keep matches or a lighter in the room. Searching high and low for matches shouldn’t be a requirement when you’re relaxing in your romantic retreat. Chandeliers are another option that adds style to any room. Consider dimmer switches on any existing lighting.

Round out the room with fluffy floor rugs, fresh flowers and your favorite romantic music. Spritz your favorite perfume scent around the room. Lavender drops on pillowcases promote restful sleep. If you have difficulty sleeping, burning lavender incense is another option. When you aren’t feeling amorous, you might consider serving chamomile tea in a porcelain tea set. Shiny silver serving trays are great for serving tea and sitting on dressers to catch jewelry, watches and other personal items.

Understand how nature brings peace and comfort into the home and can even affect your sleep. Open your windows when the weather cooperates to let fresh air circulate through the room. Try running an air purifier if the harsh conditions of summer or winter won’t allow window opening. If you have rose bushes or another beautiful nature scene outside the window, leave the curtains open until the sun goes down. Flowers and bushes often attract beautiful birds and butterflies that you will otherwise miss, and waking up in a sunlit room can be invigorating after a long, restful sleep.

Don’t feel guilty creating a luxurious oasis in the middle of your possibly hectic home. Your bedroom should be a place where you leave all your troubles and worries at the door. A good night’s rest can be the difference between a good day and an amazing day.

Jill Burbank is an inbound marketer who guest blogs for a variety of online publications. Follow her @JillBurbank2.

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