Turn Deep Sleep Into a Habit

Finally, you have to adopt a nightly habit of sleeping enough. Now, I did not say 8 hours, nor did I say 7 or 9 hours. The reason why I did not mention a fixed number is because “enough sleep” varies from person to person.

We all have different metabolic systems. We come from different backgrounds. We definitely all have different experiences. Some people can go by on 6 hours of sleep, others need a full 8 hours. Even others need extra, like 9 hours.

You have to discover how many hours you personally need to become fully rested. Once you’ve done that, you should then start taking baby steps to get to that amount of sleep.

I’m not saying that if you think 8 hours is good for you and you’re currently sleeping only 5 hours, then you should sleep 8 hours tonight. That’s too much to expect. Instead, make small changes that will help you get to your goal.

Maybe you should cut out sugar or caffeine from your meals before you sleep. Maybe you should relax by reading a book 30 minutes before turning in. Maybe you should listen to really calming or soothing music. Maybe you should invest in some sort of special lighting that would enable you to relax before you turn in for the day. Whatever you need to do, do it and take baby steps towards your ultimate sleep goal.

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