Tips on How to Become a True Pilgrim

Pilgrimage sites all over the world are known to be tourist destinations. However, a tourist is different from a pilgrim. You may be after for a holiday vacation in one of these places while a pilgrim is on his sacred journey to be in union with God through these pilgrimage sites. There is a big difference between a tourist and a pilgrim.

If you are planning for a pilgrimage in one of Europe’s trails leading to religious landmarks, it is important that you know what to expect and what to do during a pilgrimage. This is your first time and here are some tips that can help you in your first venture as a pilgrim.

Read About the Pilgrimage Site

Anticipate the things that you will see in your destination. Learn about the culture of Europe’s pilgrimage locations and Jerusalem, the Holy Land’s terrains. Being mentally prepared for the pilgrimage will allay whatever worries you have such as the food, water, climate etc.

It is also important that you consider the most practical means to reach the place where the pilgrimage starts. You can book a flight online through the help of travel companies that guide people who are leading to pilgrimage sights such as Europe’s pilgrim routes.


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Stepping on Holy Grounds

When you reach the place, approach the pilgrimage site with all expectations you can gather. Open your senses to the things you can see, hear and feel as if it is the only place on earth that matters to you at the moment. Acknowledge God’s scared presence and be on with Him the entire time. Find your inner peace while letting your senses experience the serenity of the site. After leaving, record all your afterthoughts and what you have experienced.

Stay Relaxed and at Peace

In a pilgrimage you will be walking miles to reach the site that everyone wants to set foot on. You need to tolerate different kinds of people, cultures and even foods. Don’t get distracted with over delays, changes in itinerary or the bad weather. A pilgrim is relaxed. Remember that you are not a tourist who is out for a vacation. Rather, you are a person seeking for enlightenment and when you are in your encounter with God you must be emotionally and mentally ready.

Stay Focused

Maintain your focus though you sense other stimuli such as the next group singing while you are doing your reflection. A pilgrim experiences companionship with other pilgrims while maintaining the serenity of the whole venture. You may encounter different things as you trek to the holy site yet you are expected to stay focused and be one with God.

What Pilgrimage Offers Pilgrims

Instead of spending your holidays in tropical beaches and other summer outing locations, it is more worthwhile to experience a pilgrimage. It gives you an opportunity to experience God during your venture towards the site. Pilgrimage does not detach you from the external environment. A pilgrim doesn’t walk alone. Together with your fellow pilgrims share the gift of your person as you share the same goal which is enlightenment.

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