The Risks of Running on Empty

With working hours increasing, living costs escalating, personal pressures building and expectations rising, its no wonder a little spare time is a luxury rarely afforded to many of us nowadays. For decades now it’s not just been the working man but the working woman that dominates the streets of London and other cities around the world suited and booted at rush hour. Women working full time are now the norm as are those who are past retirement age; whether a choice borne out of necessity or personal preference there’s no denying that the working life is a busy one. Add to that any hobbies, additional learning or courses, maintaining a house, caring for a family, socialising and the weekly food shop and its fair to say you’ve got a lot on your plate. It’s an interesting concept to explore how we have habitually developed this way and how most effectively to combat this, this post however will explore some of the effects of “overdoing” it and explain why and how you should begin to tackle this issue.

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An obvious one but an important one none the less. It doesn’t take excessive thought to correctly conclude that stress can be a consequence of doing too much with too little time. It can be a common characteristic of human nature to over achieve and want to please everyone, but if our stress levels increase beyond a healthy level that we feel able to cope with when doing this, we lose out significantly.

Reduced quality of life
If you’re stressed consequently your quality of life will likely reduce. From a performance perspective too your quality of work may fall stressing you out even more and reducing that quality of life down even further – the epitome of a vicious cycle! Doing things with half your energy, alertness, enthusiasm and ability will have a detrimental effect not only on performance but self esteem too. By feeling inadequate or unable to cope, the strength and ability to thrive is surely diminished somewhat.

Personal strain
Over-exerting yourself can have a profound effect not only on yourself but those around you and rather unfortunately, those closest to you that you care about the most too. Putting a personal strain on relationships with family, friends, partners or spouses is a real risk of trying to do too much with your time. For this reason it really can be in people’s best interests in the long run to learn to say no at times although speaking from personal experience this is certainly far more easily said than done!

The negative effects of doing too much as mentioned above such as increased stress, a reduced quality of life and a strain on personal relationships can all serve as powerful contributors to unhappiness. The downward spiral from here on in is then an easy path to follow and one to avoid if possible.

All of the above if combined and endured at a severity and duration long enough can cause illness. The type of illness; be it serious, minor, mental or physical can absolutely be down to genetic disposition but all can undoubtedly be attributed in some part at least to the above listed points.

To conclude on a positive note however! There are now many ways to either optimise your time, work on your ability to say no and run your life more efficiently. Most important to know though is that there is help at hand!

Execruns is a London based service where you can assign tasks externally to help optimise your time and reduce your “to do” list and stress levels. The internet too has numerous resources where you can investigate other ways of doing this and create more time for yourself.

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