How To Set Countdown Timers To Remember Important Events

People these days are obsessed with time and cramming in as much activity as they can into every hour of every day. Between deadlines at work and responsibilities at home, it can be easy to lose track of time and miss an appointment or special occasion. That is why many people set countdown timers to remember important events.

Timers for Freelance Writers

A timer is a helpful tool for staying focused on any task with a specific deadline. Freelance writers are often working on more than one article at a time and each may be due at a different time. Sometimes it can be difficult to the deadlines and assignments straight. Setting separate timers for each project allows the user to see at a glance how long they have to finish the piece. This eliminates wasted time and missed deadlines, which increases overall productivity.

Limit the Time You Spend Online

Some people will use a timer to limit how long they spend surfing online, watching television or taking a break from work. Many individuals get so caught up with leisure activities that they need to be reminded they have other responsibilities to attend to. Without that gentle reminder, they can waste an entire day without ever noticing.

Improve Productivity When Working at Home

Employees who work from home and have to report their progress to the office can monitor the hours spent on individual projects. Setting a specific time limit for each task will allow them to work more efficiently and resist the urge to waste time being unproductive. They will never be late for a staff teleconference with a tool that reminds them when to be there.

Reminder Tools for Parents

Parents can use timers to remind them when it is time to pick their children up from school or take them to the next soccer game. They are good teaching tools for helping children understand the value of being on time. They are helpful when children are ill and need to take medications throughout the day. Setting a timer will ensure they receive every dose on time.

Avoid Forgetting Important Dates

Countdown clocks are handy for setting long-term schedules as well and reminding individuals about special dates that are still weeks or months away. They are handy reminders for people who have a difficult time remembering birthdays and anniversaries. The timer lets them know exactly how long they have to find a gift or get a greeting card into the mail.

Build Up Excitement for Your Vacation

Setting a clock to count down to a holiday or vacation can be a power motivator. Every glance will be a reminder that the time for fun is that much closer. It easier to stay focused on taking care of business when there is a reward to collect when the work is complete.

People who set countdown timers to remember important events will never have to worry about forgetting a meeting, birthday or appointment. Timers offer a convenient and affordable to get the most out of the day and make sure the important items do not slip through the cracks. Staying on time is an effective way to increase productivity and efficiency.

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  1. Jobelle says:

    This is very true especially for people who loves to plan like me! I love keeping myself busy that I sometimes forget my friends’ birthdays. Good thing there are already countdown timers and calendar reminders in our cellular phones nowadays. 🙂

  2. Lito Pere says:

    I often find myself out of time when doing things, especially when examination dates do come. I can’t seem to manage my time reviewing, doing house chores, and taking care of the kids.

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