How To Make The Most Of Last Minute Revision

Some people often frown upon the idea of “last minute revision”, however even if you have been revising religiously for a long period of time, last minute revision has a lot more benefit than you might realise, purely because it keeps things fresh in your head.

Nevertheless, it is crucial that you take advantage of the small amount of time you have and use it wisely to ensure you are really making the most of your time.

1. Avoid distractions. Technology such as PCs and mobile phones are hugely beneficial but can also be distracting especially if they are connected to the Internet. Turn them off and even better keep away from them to avoid temptation. Also ensure that you let everyone know that you will be revising. This includes family and friends who may come into your room, or try and call you up which is nothing more than a distraction.

2. Use the right distractions. Some people have to study in silence, whilst others like background noise or music to wipe out distractions. If you choose music try to avoid music with lyrics, as you might find yourself singing along and potentially quoting the lyrics when you get to your exam!

3. Don’t try and learn anything new. The day before your exam is not the time for learning, or even trying to go into depth. Instead, you just want to refresh your brain about the areas that you already know.

4. Concentrate on the areas that you struggle with. It’s easy to give tough areas a wide berth, especially if you find them frustrating or boring. Nevertheless, these are the areas that you are more likely to forget in your exam, so having them fresh in your head can be greatly beneficial.


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5. Get creative. If you are really struggling to remember specific facts, names or dates try and think of creative ways to help you to remember them. For example, for dates do they relate to something you do remember? Are they similar to someone’s birthday, or did something that you do remember happen that year? Perhaps even try to think up rhymes to help you remember that can be recited (in your head) during the exam.

6. Take a leaf out of Sheldon’s book. Anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory will know about Sheldon’s obsessive walking down stairs whilst reciting rhymes. It seems crazy, but for revision is often very helpful. If you need to go downstairs for juice, or to the toilet, use each step you take wisely by saying out loud areas or aspects or what you have just learnt.

7. Ask questions. Asking yourself questions forces you to answer them, and also pinpoints areas that you could maybe do with putting a little more attention into. Perhaps try answering questions from relevant textbooks, or that you answered during your lessons.

8. Take regular breaks. During last minute revision, it’s understandable to want to throw everything into it, so that you can take in as much information as possible. However, remember that being stressed out and exhausted is just as bad as damaging as doing no revision at all.

This post was written on behalf of OCVC.

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