Five Ways to Improve Your Time Management at Work

The new ethos in most workplaces today is to ‘work smarter, not harder’, and improving on your time management skills is one way to make this happen. Managing your time effectively allows you to get a lot more work done in a shorter space of time, increasing your productivity. There are many ways to help you improve your time management skills; the key is choosing what works best for you.

Make a List

A simple to-do-list will help you organise your time effectively. Having everything you need to achieve in front of you in black and white makes it easier to prioritise tasks and also to see what jobs can perhaps be combined or even delegated. A quick scribble on a piece of paper over the desk works just fine, as does utilising your Outlook calendar.

The ‘three lists of three’ method has proven to be effective also. For this, you make three lists of three. The first is three things that absolutely must be done today. The second should be things that you will get done if you have the time, and the third things that need doing eventually. The good thing about this method is it stops your list spiralling out of control and becoming too daunting to look at.

Utilise Tools

There are many programmes designed specifically to help you organise your time. delivers you text or email reminders for tasks, and learning how to use Outlook properly can do wonders. Rescue Time is a free tool that evaluates how you spend your time on the computer each day, and produces a weekly report letting you know exactly how much time you spent typing, emailing, on the phone or picking your nose!

Use Downtime Effectively

That train ride or walk to work can be spent planning your day in your head, so that you are ready to set down your tasks in order as soon as you arrive. If you already feel organised before you get to work, you will begin the day well.


Delegation is a key factor in time management if you work as part of a team. Not only does it free up your time, but it makes your workforce feel empowered and willing to put in extra effort when they believe they are trusted with important tasks. Next time you have four meetings in one day but also need to find a batch of new office chairs for sale, hand that job over to someone else and leave them to it.

Set Long-Term Goals

It can be easy to get caught up in work and lose sight of where you want to be, so set yourself some goals. Having a long-term plan helps you keep track of your achievements to date and stay focused on where you want to be in the future.

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