Three Common Reasons Why People Sell Drugs

The use of illegal drugs is one of the most prevalent problems in any society, especially in large and poor communities. This is because illegal substances such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy pills, among others, are not only highly addictive but can also easily be bought if you have the money and you know where to look. This growing and increasing social cancer will be very difficult to eradicate as long as there are drug dealers on the streets and as long as there are people buying from them.

But why sell drugs when it can be very destructive and devastating?

Because of the Money

The most common reason why many people sell drugs is because of the money. After all, they can get a good profit just by selling a small amount of drugs. The money they can get from possessing and distributing illegal drugs can go to finance their lifestyle. They can buy anything they want with it, including new clothes, shoes, gadgets, etc. They can also even use the money to finance their own drug use. Drugs are expensive, after all, and they will need some cash to pay for this costly habit.

Aside from this, the money they get from selling drugs can also help finance his family’s needs. It can help a lot when it comes to paying bills, putting food on the table, providing clothing and shelter to his loved ones, sending his kids to school, etc. However noble the reason for selling drugs may be, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s illegal and that he’s hurting someone and his family.

Because of Pressure

Some people are forced to sell drugs because they are being pressured by an established dealer. This is very common in harsh and poor communities where established drug dealers and their goons rule the area. They can easily scare and coerce someone into selling the drugs for them, and they can do this if they have some hold over their victims like the victim or one of his family members owing the drug dealer money. The drug dealer may also be threatening the victim to sell drugs if he wants to keep his family safe from bullying.

There are tons of reasons how someone influential in the drug industry can force their victims to well drugs on the streets.

Because of Influence

Another reason why people sell drugs is because they have been influenced into selling the illegal substance. For example, he has a brother who’s selling drugs, and he has to help his brother one day to sell the goods; or she has a boyfriend whom she loves dearly, so she helps him with the business of selling drugs. The monetary rewards they get from helping someone out became so exhilarating that before long they were also selling drugs on the streets.

Selling drugs is a scary and illegal business, and it is something that you have to stay away from. However, if you’ve been caught and charged with drug possession with the intention of selling them, then you will need to have a good defense lawyer to help you out. If you’re convicted, then it could land you in a house of correction for two years with a fine of $500, or in state prison for ten years with a fine of $10,000. Now, these are legal consequences that you don’t want to happen to you, so avoid this at all cost.


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