This is not your typical boyfriend advice

You don’t have to surf the Web that much to dredge up all sorts of boyfriend advice. Seriously. The Web is crawling with such content. Still, just because the blogosphere and Internet are filled with boyfriend advice, doesn’t mean such advice is worth the time it takes to read them. In fact, most of them flat out suck. Some are completely clueless. Others simply don’t apply. If you want real boyfriend advice, read below. The boyfriend advice listed below are all aimed at making sure your relationship survives the test of time.

Focus on completing each other

There are many boyfriend advice columns on the web that assume the typical guy perspective. What perspective is this? Well, this point of view assumes that you are to benefit from your girl. In other words, your relationships is only valuable and worth hanging on to based on what you can get out of your partner. See what’s wrong with this picture? Real relationships are two way streets. They are nothing but. If you want to to get something, be prepared to give something. This is the only true boyfriend advice that truly works. Why? Because it helps you man up and actually complete each other instead of being an emotional or sexual parasite in your relationships.

Your girlfriend is not your property

Another common mistake the typical boyfriend advice column on the Internet makes is to assume that your girl is your property. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Your girl, your partner, is her own person. She has her own identity. This should be your core assumption. Otherwise, you’ll end up in stupid fights and you might fight over the smallest things. Your woman is her own person and you shouldn’t forget that. When you assume this, things will go much smoother for both of you.

Your girlfriend is not a mirror

A lot of boyfriend advice assume that you should look at your girlfriend as some sort of emotional mirror. Again, this assumes that your relationship exists only to benefit you. This is flat out wrong. A real relationship benefits both partners. More than that, a relationship worth its salt actually has a life of its own and teaches both partners to grown in love, maturity, and emotional depth. Too many boyfriend advice columns on the Web advice you to look at your girlfriends as a mirror that allows you to gain some emotional therapy. Bad idea.

Take the time to really know her

This is the key point too many boyfriend advice sites fail at. You have to truly know your girl. Know her for her. In other words, know her not based on your agenda or needs but based on her own individuality. Go to where she is emotionally. Don’t try to remake her or turn her into some sort of emotional cartoon in your mind. That’s not exactly the recipe for a successful relationship. Your relationship must always be based on one thing-reality. This means understanding each other and accepting each other. Only when you do this can your relationship truly soar. Otherwise, it will be stuck at the sex or codependency stage.

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