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I was window shopping around the mall the other day and saw a lot of folks looking at jewelry stores only to end up not going inside. I wondered if it was due to the fact that these gems are too expensive or people just don’t really know (or sometimes, care) about how these pieces are usually priced, so they end up getting intimidated by how much these gems costs? If it was due to intimidation and overwhelming info, then I can understand them – I mean, diamond prices aren’t really common knowledge to your average folk after all, right? If you’re planning to get your hands on some good pieces, you should first research about how these diamonds are priced, before going into those jewelry stores if you don’t want to end up getting intimidated by all the pricings and stuff. If you’re planning to shop on a limited budget, here’s a great Infographic by about how to get your hands on a good piece without breaking the bank!


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