There’s No Better Way to Praise an Accomplishment than with a Trophy

There are many ways that you can reward participants for their hard work in an event.  After all, it is human nature to feel appreciated for things that are accomplished.  If you are in charge of creating an award system for a group of people, trophies will add that special spark that is needed to make your event something that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

Sporting Events Thrive on Awards

Children learn from a very young age that when they compete in sports, the better they are the more awards they will receive.  Basketball, baseball, hockey, football, swimming, lacrosse and many other sports hold championship games and tournaments at the end of their playing seasons.  The teams work hard all year to win the coveted title of “winner”, but only one team will actually secure the title.  These players obviously look for some sort of acknowledgment that they are the best of the best in that particular sport.  A trophy that has the likeness of a player from that sport is something they can show as proof that they had a victory in that sport.


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Competitions Contain More Than Tiaras

If you have ever organised or been a part of a beauty pageant or contest, you know there is a lot of preparation for these big events.  The participants go through months or even years of training for a contest that will last only an hour, but the outcome could affect them for years.  The dance lessons, hair and makeup and endless hours of practice are for one thing, a reward.  These contestants want a title and a prize.  The tiara is only part of the prize.  Most winners will walk away with a trophy too.

Adults Appreciate Recognition Too

Adults are not exempt from receiving awards for a job well done.  Many employers give out awards, including trophies, for perfect attendance and other accomplishments in the work place.  Promotions and retirements are often announced with an award or other sign of appreciation for a superb work performance.  Many employees are competitive and will put their best foot forward at work so they can be praised by their employer.  Workplace awards are on a bigger scale than the ones received from a Little League Championship game, but the effect is just the same.  It shows that you have what it takes to beat the competition and make it to the next level.

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