The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Place To Stay While At University:

Starting University is probably one of the most exciting times of your life and particularly during your first year – not only do you get to meet lots of new people, but you get to live away from home and take part in a lot of new experiences. One of the biggest decisions you will need to make however is where you’re going to stay and as a student, you’re not exactly short on options. In this post we will review some of the things you should consider prior to renting property as a student.


Shared vs. One Bedroom:

Renting a one bedroom apartment may have crossed your mind, particularly if you are concerned about living with other people, however that said the vast majority of people choose to share bigger accommodation – you will get more for your money, the only “drawback” is that you have to share with other people. Not only that, shared accommodation is typically cheaper, too.

Go For All Inclusive:

As a student you are likely to be exempt from paying council tax, the only caveat to that is if you decide to move into a house with professionals – while you will still be exempt from paying council tax, the other people in the house may already have come to an arrangement where council tax is shared between all residents. Just make sure to check prior to signing the lease.

It’s also often easier to get an all-inclusive price which incorporates rent and bills; it’s easier to manage and it means that one person in the house doesn’t have to take the responsibility for paying all the bills (typically the first person to move into the house).

Meet your new flatmates first:

Never, ever move into a new house without meeting all of your flatmates first – it’s vitally important to know the type of people you are moving in with, so be sure to at least sit down for half an hour and make sure you are happy with your new roommates before you move in.

Sharing a house is a great way to meet new people when you first start at University, however it’s important that you don’t end up living with people you won’t get along with, or have very different social habits to you.

Sort out some rotas:

It may sound petty, but it’s often a good idea to have some structure in place for dealing with chores i.e. cleaning the dishes, emptying the bin and buying various communal products i.e. washing up powder, bin bags and so on. Settling all of these issues in advanced prevents the likelihood of disputes arising – it also prevents any animosity where one person doesn’t choose to clean up after themselves to the irritation of everyone else in the house.

Location, location, location:

Try and find the best location to suit your needs – for example, a lot of student residencies will have in-house gyms, this could otherwise result in saving money on gym memberships each month. Some student houses or apartments are quite well centrally located and close to all local amenities – while these houses or apartments are likely to cost more money, there are also savings to be made on taxi fares and other expenses which would otherwise be incurred on a night out.

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