The Top Office Irritations & Annoyances

For all the benefits of working in an office, there is almost an equal number of annoyances and irritations. From computers to co-workers, almost anything can drive you up the wall when trying to get down to work and get productive! We have compiled our top list of major office annoyances and irritating habits of your colleagues which will have most of you nodding along in glum agreement. Some of these ideas came from a survey conducted by Opinium Research, as reported on Reuters.

Sluggish computers. Judging by the quality of the hardware in some offices you’d have thought you’d stepped in a time machine to the late 90’s. Brand new, 27 inch iMacs aren’t a universal choice in the average office and you’d be lucky if Microsoft Excel loaded in less than 15 minutes.

Noisy neighbours. There is nothing worse than loud co-workers. Even worse, if you work in a relatively small office where certain individuals think it’s their responsibility to choose what plays on the stereo, then you may be subject to 8 hours of Duran Duran’s greatest hits (you know that pre-written resignation letter would come in handy).

Untidy kitchens. You will likely have some colleagues who insist that instead of washing up their tea cup after their fourth brew of the morning, they’d rather follow in Alexander Fleming’s footsteps by trying to reinvent penicillin. You really should feel more sorry for the cleaners who come at the end of the day.

Lazy colleagues. Every office has at least one: the employee who manages to do as little work as possible during the day, and even worse, gets away with it. These people have an amazing ability to rope other people into their lazy work habits and before you know it, half of the office is browsing Facebook while you single handedly try and get that report finished before 5.30.

Illness. They think they’re doing the company a favour when they come to work sick, sniffling, coughing, and altogether appearing like the spokesperson for a new Beecham’s advert. You wonder how rude it’d be to wear a mask from a safe distance of 5 metres whilst discussing work matters with them.

Jargon. Don’t get us wrong – jargon has its place. But management speak, fashionable flowcharts and annoying acronyms are the bane of the practical worker who actually wishes to get stuff done. In the four hours it took your colleague, always eager to impress, to discuss the new marketing strategy in as least a coherent way as possible, you could have finished the darn thing and be moving onto something more important.

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