The Rise of the Cult TV T Shirt

TV Sitcoms have long been at the centre of many people’s hearts, with viewers tuning in religiously each week to catch up on their favourite character’s exploits. Shows such as Red Dwarf and The Big Bang Theory have attracted large fan bases and unleashed legendary catchphrases on the world.

Many fans want to share the love of their favourite TV show with the world and encourage conversation with other fans. Others just want to wear their fandom on their chest, and immortalise their favourite quotes in fabric.

American and British sitcoms are enjoying a boom in popularity not seen since the nineties. Shows such as The Big Bang Theory, The Inbetweeners, How I Met Your Mother and the comeback of Red Dwarf have helped fill the void that Friends, Frasier and Saved by the Bell left behind.

Barely a day goes by where you won’t hear your friend or work colleague quote renowned catchphrases that never fail to raise a smile. In response, t shirt companies have decided to add TV based t-shirts to their collection, as sitcoms drum up as much immortality as cult films.

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The Big Bang Theory is one sitcom in particular that is drumming up a particularly big t-shirt army. Perhaps echoing in the footsteps of main protagonist Sheldon Cooper, fans are looking to logo t-shirts for optimum fandom. It seems with the inspiration of such a geek centric show, fans aren’t afraid to share their geeky fandom by wearing ‘Bazinga’ on their chest.

So what does a sitcom have to do to make it onto a t-shirt? Well it seems a good formula is catchphrases and ongoing jokes, but this isn’t exclusive. Simply by having one or two classic lines, their show will live on in t shirt form. The Inbetweeners was particularly successful at this, with its flurry of offensive one liners, that have invaded schools, offices and bus stops.

Cult status generally lends itself to smart and witty writing and memorable characters. Thanks to DVD box sets and reruns, sitcoms are no longer dead once they finish production. In the case of sitcoms, such as Red Dwarf, if enough of a fan base exists it could even return after an extended hiatus.

TV lovers are no longer ashamed of wearing their fandom on their chest, and there is a growing demand for t shirts that pay homage to their favourite line or character. Geek is chic.

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