The Reality of Teen Drug Use

Drugs Look Appealing

Drugs are so prevalent in today’s society and very accessible.  What do you do to help your children say no?  The media shows that drugs are fun and harmless.  In the music world 63% of rap songs encourage alcohol, drugs and sex.  Television makes drugs and alcohol look like a party without showing the consequences and role models, such as musicians and actors are being arrested for participating in drug and alcohol use, but because they are rich, they are able to stay out of jail.

Drugs are very easy to come by because kids are being asked by their friends at school.  One out of eight to one out of five children are no matter their age or race is being asked if they want to try drugs.  This is not good, because of this, the average age of children taking heroin is 14.


No parent wants their child to have to make a decision of whether or not they should take drugs, so what can you do?  You can start by talking to your kids at an early age, ask them what they already know about drugs and set up a plan that will help deter your kids from starting drugs.

How Can I Know?

There is no exact way of knowing if your child has been using, but there are signs you can watch for which are:

-dramatic changes in clothes, hair, music and friends

-is your child tardy or missing class (call the school)

-have they lost the urgency to excel in the classroom

-distant from you and their siblings

-attitude and personality difference

-sleep schedule

-use of foul language

-weird eating habits

-dilated, red or glazed eyes


-your wallet or purse missing cash


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My Child is Abusing Drugs

Most importantly, you must let your child know that you love and care for them.  It will not help to scream at them or ignore them.  Most likely your child will deny they are using drugs, so it will help to have open conversations with him/her about why they started using drugs in the first place.  This will show your child that you are not judging them, but want to help them.  One thing that will help you is performing an in home drug test.  This will help your child feel a sense of privacy because you are not pronouncing it to public by taking them to the doctor.  If they refuse then you must seek professional help.  It takes much effort and encouragement on your part.

Brandon Jones writes on the topic of teen drug use and drug testing kits.

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