The Most Publicized Celebrity Criminal Court Cases Of The Decade

Every so often, a celebrity does something so beyond disbelief that it catches the news headlines and shocks the world. Some of these celebrity cases continue to be constantly aired on television, and some of these celebrities just can’t seem to leave the world of crime. Reckless behavior characterizes most of the acts behind these celebrity crimes. Take a look at these top five most publicized celebrity criminal court cases of the decade.

1. Lindsay Lohan and Her Various DUI Charges

In 2006, Lindsay Lohan was charged with her first DUI in Beverly Hills and has not left the public eye ever since. She then received another DUI charge in 2007. Gaining media attention with stunts such as violating her probation agreement at the MTV Music Awards Party in 2010, Lindsay Lohan has continued to come head-to-head with the law. She has violated her probation agreement on multiple times, and she continues to enthrall the public with odd acts such as posting nude photos of herself on Twitter.

2. Hugh Grant and the Prostitution Case

When Hugh Grant was found with prostitute Divine in the backseat of a car in Beverly Hills, the media could not have acted more surprised. Divine was featured on various talk shows right after the incident, and Hugh Grant faced charges of lewd conduct in a public place. Divine calls the incident the “best thing that ever happened to her” and has publicly thanked Hugh Grant for the incident. She was able to release her own lipstick line after the incident and conducted interviews on shows like Maury in the days following the public scandal.

3. Winona Ryder and Grand Theft Charges

In 2002, Ms. Ryder was found attempting to take $5,500 in luxury goods from a Saks Fifth Avenue store in Beverly Hills. She ultimately accepted responsibility for the Grand Theft charges and was granted probation. The prosecution decided not to seek jail time in her case. The luxury goods were various articles of clothing and a few designer handbags.

4. Woody Allen and Pedophilia Charges

Woody Allen shocked the world when he was charged with the crime of pedophilia. It was discovered that Woody Allen had been dating his 14-year-old stepdaughter named Soon Yi. After being found guilty of the charges, Woody Allen then went on to marry Soon Yi.

5. Michael Jackson and Neverland Ranch

One of the most scandalous events to take over the media was the hype over Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. When an anonymous twelve-year-old boy came forward and said he had been approached in inappropriate ways by Michael Jackson, the media scrutinized Jackson’s every move during the trial. It was ultimately found that Michael Jackson was not guilty of the charges.

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These are the most publicized celebrity criminal court cases that continue to shock the American consciousness today.

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