The Breakfast of Business Champs

Have you ever wondered what the most successful CEOs and business owners do before breakfast? Mornings are a great time to concentrate, to clear your mind and get some things done. You feel refreshed and strong. But if you are an entrepreneur, you know that getting things done before breakfast can be an impossible feat. Set some balance in your life. A little time management before breakfast can make your day better.  You just need to start some new habits and make them stick.

Measure your mornings. How much time do you spend on each task? Track your whole week. Sometimes, the problem lies in not having enough time in the morning. Why? Because you wake up late. If you sleep late in the evening, what’s your reason? Do you try to finish some paperwork or you just watch the TV? If it’s something you can avoid like watching the TV, you can just record your favorite shows and watch them on another time. If it’s a work week, be sure to get enough sleep.

After you have figured out what you do with your time, ask yourself what will make your mornings better? What habits can be changed? Mornings are a chance to have some time for yourself like exercising or spending time with the family over breakfast. You can also take this time to brush up on your reading. Read articles, journals and the latest news in your industry. Take classes or online seminars. Watch webinars. Do something that will increase your knowledge.


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Think about how you function. Think about the whole process of waking up to sleeping again. What things do you need to let go in order to become more productive? What would make your morning rituals easier and more enjoyable? Make sure you start your day happy so that you can face the challenges ahead with a positive attitude.

Now that you know what needs to be done and how to do them, make them a habit. It takes about 6 weeks to ingrain a habit into a person. You need to do this every day but make sure that you incorporate one habit at a time to your routine for maximum results. Make little steps and don’t rush. You can never rush a habit.

Reward yourself from time to time. This will help you stick to your habits better.

Eventually, one of your habits will be obsolete. When that time comes, introduce a new habit into your routine. If one habit is not doing you any good or you are not happy with it anymore then you know it’s time to change.

Mornings are a great time to start anew, to set things right. They give you the chance for a fresh start. Your slate is wiped clean and you can start today differently from yesterday. Successful people say that if you can make over your mornings, you can make over your life. Take advantage of your mornings.


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