The Boat Lover’s Guide To Boat Care

Thousands of people each year buy boats. You may wonder what the attraction is with boats; some buy river boats, some buy sea going yachts and others buy motor boats.

The reasoning is simple. These boats are a way to spend some quality family time together. Somewhere to go on vacation and a way to explore the shores of the UK in style and comfort.

Buying Your First Boat

Before you buy your first boats, it is important to decide exactly why you want the boat and what you intend doing with it. If you intend spending time on the Yorkshire Broads, a lovely river style boat is more than adequate. If you intend hitting the high bearing seas though, a yacht or specially designed motor boat will keep you and your family safe.

Boats are not a cheap investment, you need to look after them, use rust protection for boats and keep them serviced on a regular basis to ensure that you are never faced with problems when out to sea.

Start looking on the internet for boats for sale. If you choose to buy from one of the online auction sites, take the time to go and look at the boat before placing a bid. You need to ensure the boat is water proof. Ideally you want the boat in the water when you go to view, this proves that it is waterproof and gives you the opportunity to look for any leaks.

Bring Your New Boat Home

Depending on the type of boat you purchased and where you need to move it to will depend on how it’s moved. If you have purchased a river boat you may find the trailer is included in the price. Get a driving license that enables you to tow and go and collect your new boat.

If you have purchased a sea going boat, then things are a little different. If you have boating experience you can plan to move the boat yourself. But if you don’t, then hiring a skipper for a few days to move the boat for you can work. They will collect the boat and sail it to the mooring that you have booked.

There is another option. There are transportation companies that will move the boat by road for you, this is the most expensive option and you need to be prepared as the boat can get damaged during transport.

Keeping Your Boat Maintained

You should arrange for the boat to be serviced once it arrives at your home or is placed on its mooring. Rather be safe than sorry, you don’t want to break down on your first family outing onto the ocean.

If you keep your boat serviced, keep it clean and use rust protection for boats, you will get to enjoy a boat without the major expenses. With boats being an expensive investment, my suggestion is to care for them as much as possible. Wash them down after use, keep an eye on them to ensure no rust is showing through and keep the engine regularly maintained and serviced.

If you care for your boat and ensure it’s always in perfect working order, then you will get to enjoy what it has to offer. There is nothing worse than planning a weekend away sailing to a nearby bay and on arrival finding out that the boat has an engine problem. Not only are you going to be disappointed, but the whole family will be disappointed, especially the children.

Out of Water

Once a year you should take the boat out of the water if it is moored. Remember to book your dry dock space in advance. Dry docking your boat will give you a chance to check the outside of the hull. Use a good rust protection for boats and reduce the risk of rust or leaks for the next year.

Using rust protection for boats can save you a lot of money in the long run. Keeping your boat protected from rust ensures you get the maximum use out of your investment for many years to come.

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