The Bin Laden Saga

In case you have been living under a rock or in Osama Bin Laden’s case a compound, here is a brief overview of who he is. Bin Laden founded the international terrorist group Al Qaeda in 1988. The origins of this group have been traced back to the Soviet War in Afghanistan.

2001- Al Qaeda is most famous for its attack on America- dubbed 9/11. This attack happened in September 2001, where a group of Al Qaeda members hijacked American airplanes and flew them into the twin towers and the pentagon.

2011- Bin Laden had been in hiding for the past decade as America had placed him on the FBI’s most wanted criminals. On the 2nd of May 2011 Osama Bin Laden’s compound was infiltrated by the American army and he was murdered.

Osama Bin Laden

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2012- A navy seal has written a book entitled ‘No Easy Day’. This book is based on the events that led to the raid and subsequent murder of Osama Bin Laden. However, since the records have been sealed on this matter- the Navy Seal in question is said to have broken his non-disclosure agreement signed before he retired late last year.

The pentagon’s top lawyer, Jeh Johnson, has stated that the United States of America (USA) government is considering using all remedies legally available to ensure the book is not published- including legal action against the publishing company (Penguin’s Dutton). The USA government has stated this is a direct breach of protocol.

In order to understand why it is so important for the USA government to stop this book being published, one needs to go back to the 2nd of May 2011– the day Bin Laden was murdered. Barack Obama gave a speech on that evening to America (and the world) that the America army had killed Bin Laden and captured is body.

However, in the book the details of that day are completely different. One wonders if the Navy Seal is lying, or is the USA government determined not to have the true details of that fateful open for the world to read. This Navy Seal in question was allegedly one of the first Seals through the door in the compound and has claims to have witnessed the ‘true’ events of the day.

As a result of this pending lawsuit, the pre-bookings have flooded in as people are anxious to hear the full story. If the American government is successful is stopping the publishing of this book, the question remains: Will we ever find out what truly happened on that day?


Greg Jones- a legal billing system specialist. This article aims to ask the question what really happened on the 2nd of May…

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