The Benefits of Working for “The Man”

“I don’t want to work for ‘The Man.'” “I’m sticking it to ‘The Man.'” “I’m tired of dealing with ‘The Man.'” I hear stuff like this all the time. Most of corporate America longs to work at home, away from the dreaded “Man” and all his terrible terrible traits. Quite frankly America, it’s about time you sucked it up. Seriously. As a self-employed writer, I can attest to the struggles that come along when you don’t work for “The Man.” This lifestyle is not nearly as exciting as it sounds. Before you quit your job to open your own hot dog stand in New York City, you might want to realize the wonders that come when you work for someone else. Here are just a few that stick out in my mind…


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  • Lower taxes: If you work for a company, you only pay half your taxes every year. The employer pays the rest without you even knowing it. I have to send about 1/7 of my income to the government every year, and I don’t have it automatically taken out of my check. I have to save every penny and then write a check for thousands of dollars to the U.S. government. That’s a crappy, crappy, crappy, crappy feeling, and I would never wish it on someone else.
  • Cheaper insurance: On your own, you’re left paying huge insurance rates just to get simple medical coverage. Under an employer, you can get group life insurance ad other group policies, saving you a ton of money in premiums every month. The group as a whole gets a discount on the policies, so all you have to do is pay a fraction of what you would pay on your own. If you’re really lucky, you may even get an employer that pays for your insurance completely. Ya, that’s what “The Man” could do for you. How tragic.
  • Predictable income: If you work on your own, you are always depending on someone else to provide your income. If a client decides not to pay you for something, you may have to spend months in court trying to get the money owed to you. In a corporate setting, you can pretty much trust the fact that you’re going to be paid. There is always the possibility that won’t happen, but most high-end employers are pretty good about taking care of their workers.

Get the idea? The freedoms of self-employment may seem appealing from a distance, but the fact is that you may enjoy a better life working for someone else. I have a ton of clients who worked on their own and then went back to working 9-5s because they made the same money without the stress and huge costs. Think about how good your life really is, and stop whining about it. You may find “The Man” to be a charming little fella’ after all.

Kelly D. is dedicated to not working for “the Man”.

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