The Benefits of Carpooling

Though you may not realize it, driving to and from work every day has plenty of drawbacks. It costs you a great deal of time and money every year, and it can even impact your health. The best way to alleviate these drawbacks is to start carpooling.

By sharing the driving responsibilities with other people in order to get to work, you will see plenty of benefits.

1. Carpooling saves money on gas.

Depending on how far away from work you live, you could be filling your car up at least once per week in order to get to and from work. If you start using a carpool, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars every year on gas. If you have four people in your carpool and you alternate weeks for driving, you are saving yourself the cost of gas three weeks out of every month, which can add up to be a huge savings.

2. Carpooling saves wear and tear on your car.

If you don’t have to drive every day, you are keeping your car healthier. You will not need to change your oil as often, you won’t have to rotate your tires as often or buy new tires as often, and you won’t add thousands of miles to your car. All of this will not only keep your vehicle in better running condition, but it will also keep large sums of money in your pocket every year.


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3. Carpooling reduces stress.

When you’re stuck in traffic, it can make you extremely stressed. You will be frustrated with the cars around you, you will be annoyed with your situation and you may even have road rage. When you’re in a carpool, you can relax more and enjoy your commute. Instead of being alone and stuck in traffic, you are now sharing the ride with other people. You can have conversations with everyone, which will make the commute seem shorter, and it will help keep you calm during traffic jams.


4. Carpooling is better for the environment.

If everyone continues to drive only themselves to work every day, it creates a great deal of unnecessary pollution in the air. If everyone started carpooling instead, there would be less cars on the road, which means that less emissions are being expunged into the air.

5. Carpooling is better for traffic.

Since carpooling means that there will be less cars on the road, carpooling will get rid of unnecessary traffic and traffic jams. Instead of sitting bumper to bumper and yelling at everyone in cars around you, traveling to and from work will be more enjoyable for everyone, and with less cars on the road, you can easily get to and from work without any situations.

If you have the opportunity to carpool with others at work, you should jump on board. Not only will it eliminate the amount of money you need to spend on gas every week, but it can also save a great deal of wear and tear on your car as well as be better for your overall health. Carpooling also has the potential of eliminating traffic jams, and if more people started carpooling, everyone would be putting less toxic emissions into the air, which is much better for the environment.

If carpooling is something that interests you and you haven’t been able to find one, you should start one. Send out a company wide email and let your coworkers know about your plan. It’s a great way to get more people on board, and who knows, you may even get more coworkers to create carpools in their hometowns.

Ruth Ellison is a writer and stay at home mom.  She likes to write about cleaning, shopping, and traveling.  Ruth often relies on her Nissan to take her kids to all their extra activities around town.

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