Sustainable Design: An Old Concept is New Again

Sustainable design is a term thrown around a lot these days. However, what it really means is very much open to interpretation. Generally it is understood we “can’t keep doing things the way they always have been done” in order to uphold the principals of conserving our natural resources. Yet doing thing the way they always have been done is the very foundation of sustainable design.

Smart Growth

Fine hard woods, including cherry, oak, and maple, are grown in managed forests in the United States of America. They contribute life-giving, cleansing oxygen to the planet over the span of their lifetime. Their harvest is replaced so the cycle can continue once again. Imported wood cut from the rainforests of environmentally sensitive ecosystems overseas is a concept we shun. More carbon footprints trek the planet than can be counted. The only weapons we really have are logic and common sense.

sustainable design

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Wholesome Materials

Particle and chipboard fabricated with toxic compounds to bind and hold is also abhorrent to the best Amish furniture makers, like Dutch Crafters. Solid wood through and through looks better, feels friendlier, and promotes healthier living. It also lasts longer: Furniture that serves longer need not be replaced as often. Indeed, this is the very definition of sustainable resources itself.

Teaching Moments

We believe the lessons learned about preserving the wealth of our planet must start very early in life. Our cribs, highchairs, and toys are made with the same strict principals of workmanship from authentic materials as our top of the line living room sets. Even our most humble pet accessories are things of beauty designed to last and be handed down through generations.

Preserving a Way of Life

To think about the end product only when considering sustainable design would be shortsighted and defeat the purpose. Sustainable is about preserving a culture and heritage, indeed a way of life. Our furniture is not “Amish inspired”, but the real deal. We contract with Amish artisans’ workshops at the ground level. This not only assures the most beautiful and authentic Amish furniture to be had is procured, but that family traditions endure with pride and dignity.

Gracious Stainable Living

The interior of one’s home is a deliberate choice as well as a statement, which is being made to the rest of the world. Part of this statement is external: An expression of your tastes and aesthetics. However beyond outward appearances is an expression of one’s values and priorities. By selecting authentic Dutch crafted furniture, you have made an enduring investment in the future. These concepts really aren’t so new after all. They are time-honored values that must be recognized and preserved before they disappear from the planet forever.

Post by guest blogger, Mary, a writer who enjoys blogging about sustainable design and Dutch Crafters.

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