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Much like our weather patterns, the global economic climate is very unstable.

An article written by Moeletsi Mbeki (Thabo Mbeki’s brother), which went viral recently, states that entrepreneurship is crucial in the satisfactory development of South Africa. That kind of thinking can be applied to any other developing country, really.

What is an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are the new super-heroes of our times.  There are many ways to describe these savvy types: brave, independent, creative, foolhardy, stubborn, etc.

It takes a bit of shrewdness and cunning planning to start up a new business venture, and then to keep it going.

Anybody who has a unique and ground-breaking business idea and puts it into action is an entrepreneur.  Don’t be intimated, it doesn’t have to be an original idea.  You do not have to re-invent the wheel, only think of a novel way to supply it or dress it up a little.


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Who wants to be an entrepreneur?

Almost anybody can be an entrepreneur; you don’t even need super-impressive tertiary qualifications. These days, circumstances direct us in various ways and because of job redundancies many people have no option but to think of going it alone.

While it is exciting, it can also be daunting.  But, basically, you should feel the fear and do it anyway.  Silence those inner critics.  You need determination and courage to follow through, but the sense of achievement and knowing that you are supporting yourself can be extremely liberating.

How to go about it

Unless you come up with an idea that is extremely cost effective, you are going to need money.  If you have relationship issues with money you need to sort those out and know that money can be your friend.

Some people get financial support from their families.  Others approach banks and apply for loans.  Make sure that your business plan is detailed, clear and feasible.

Why we need these economic agents?

The world needs more super-agents in it.  Entrepreneurs are becoming our new leaders.    Think of Richard Branson.  A little bit of his attitude (“Screw it, just do it!”) will get you a long way.

With a successful business (small or big) you are less dependent on others.

And, as your business expands, as any successful business does, you will be bringing more people on board to assist you, which means that you’ll play an important role in job creation.

Job creation is one of the most important factors in the promotion of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are the way of the future.

This guest post was written by Tess Holland on behalf of Direct Axis, a financial services provider that helps you acquire quick loans so you can get your business started.

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