Success is Scalable

I want you to imagine two guys in college with the same dream of starting a company. One guy works on his vision every single day. He goes to business meetings, looks for prospects, and usually comes up empty handed. On the other hand, the other guy does nothing but drink and party a lot and has a good time.

At this point in their business journey, both are experiencing the same level of success: not much. Fast forward to 20 years, what do you think happened? Well, I can guarantee you that the guy who keeps trying every day to open a lot of doors and take advantage of opportunities would be in a far better position than the guy who’s taking it easy despite the fact that they both started with the same level of success.

This is called the power of scaling. The more you do something, the easier things become. The more you execute an idea, the more you’re able to connect the dots. Given enough time, things become easier and easier because you achieve a sense of momentum. You’re not only are able to do things faster, but the scale that you operate on gets bigger and bigger.

This is the reason why people who start out at the exact same place, end up in completely different places. Success loves speed.

How does this work? Well, take the case of two people with two totally different lifestyles. One person likes to run first thing in the morning and eats only vegetables and high fiber foods. The other person, smokes, drinks and does drugs. After 20 years of this lifestyle, how do you think they will look? The, first person is probably at the peak of his health and looks younger than his age. The other person might not even be alive.

You see how scaling works? This also applies to ideas because you have to understand that all these people in these scenarios can have the same set of ideas. The problem is, they chose to execute it in a different way.

The law of attraction is not a feeling nor is it speculation. It is reality. The scaling process that I described is the law of attraction in effect. You choose your life’s trajectory and you attract certain results as you stay on that track.

The good news is that you can choose your daily habits to help you along the way. But if you just allow life to happen on auto pilot and let yourself to be a slave to habits that you picked up along the way, you are forced to settle for whatever results you get. That is the precise opposite of power. You are not using the power of scaling to your benefit.

Remember, regardless of how old you are, you may be 18 or 50 when you read this book, you can always start a new life tomorrow.

The power of scaling in success-loving-speed is still applicable to your life. You can either make it work for you or against you. Use the law of attraction and adopt the habits and affirmations mentioned in this book. Ask yourself the right questions and follow the path that you set for yourself. Take control over your life, starting today. I wish you nothing but the greatest success and happiness.

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