Southern New Jersey County is Reinforcing Community with New Homes

With all of the bad news we are constantly subjected to, it’s easy to feel discouraged by the state of mankind. Like a beacon of hope, however, Morris Habitat for Humanity (MHFH), along with a number of other community affiliates have taken it upon themselves to improve the lives of others within their community. Six new homes in New Jersey (specifically, the Peer Place community) have been set aside to assist deserving limited income families who are ready to take a step forward to become first time homeowners.

Building a Community

Though the construction of these new homes has a primary purpose of putting a roof over people’s heads, the project actually accomplishes more than this. Families who have previously been down on their luck are being provided with the opportunity to live a stable life in a safe area. The ability to own one’s own home comes with a special sense of dignity and pride which, in turn, creates strong, community-oriented families and citizens.

In fact, the entire neighborhood is impacted by the building of these new homes. The dedicated limited-income town homes in Peer Place is a living embodiment of community families and community organizations coming together to enhance their neighborhood and the areas around them. The continuing effort to construct these homes will have a lasting impact, as families will be provided with the stability and security required to truly thrive and raise their children in a positive environment.

Giving a Second Chance

The “second chance” opportunities provided to limited-income families extends far beyond just moving in. These new homeowners are are offered 30 year fixed mortgages that are interest free so that these citizens can afford to stay in and maintain their properties, rather than bring instability back to a neighborhood through foreclosures. On top of this, all heating and cooling systems as well as all electrical appliances within the new homes in New Jersey have been designed to promote the highest efficiency and energy savings that is possible.

Besides the opportunities provided to these new homeowners to save money via their fixed mortgages and energy control, Habitat for Humanity has taken measures to instill a sense of community and responsibility within these limited income families. Each new resident committed 300 hours to help construct their own homes and have attended financial management course to ensure their stability for themselves, the community, and their children.

In spite of any other negativity going on in our world, it is nice to know that there is still good, and a sense of community. For six new homeowners in New Jersey, a loving community can make dreams come true.

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