Save The Elbow Grease, Call In The Professionals

Everyone hates being dirty (unless you are a small child, where you just seem to attract dirt like a magnet) and it can make you feel dirty when the environment around you is also dirty.

Even television shows have been made out of cleaning dirty things; proof in itself that supreme cleanliness is not necessarily just reserved for those who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. Besides being clean ourselves, we demand that out living areas are clean and even the immediate environment around our living area is clean. Some people will not even consider having their wheelie bin parked outside the front of their property, such is their demand for supreme cleanliness and hygiene.

However, unfortunately for these people there are some things which they can’t really affect. For example (and there are some people who find this particularly bothersome), the pavement and driveway outside a property is obviously very susceptible to picking up dirt and grime from the pure fact that it is there for people to walk on. Taking soap and a scrubbing brush to it is only likely to make a very small dent in the cleaning job that is faced with restoring pavements and driveways to their original sparkling best. So unfortunately for the people out there who fancy themselves as the Kim and Aggie types, the professionals will have to be called in.

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Professional cleaning firms are able to clean even the toughest of dirt, marks and stains from any surface using a technique called abrasive blasting. As the name suggests the technique involves blasting the dirty surface in question with an extremely high pressured stream of materials which literally eat away and remove the dirt. There are many styles of abrasive blasting, one of the most popular of which utilises water – hydro blasting. Hydro blasting is seen as the ‘green’ abrasive blasting method as the water can be saved and reused again.

Another blasting technique involves the use of beads. The methods utilises tiny beads (often glass) and propels them at high pressure at a surface to remove the dirt and grime. This particular method is a popular way of cleaning swimming pools and also for removing paintwork in the automotive industry.

There are multiple other methods of abrasive blasting as well, including bristle blasting, dry ice blasting and wet abrasive blasting, all designed to clean those tough surfaces which would normally be extremely difficult to restore to their original, glorious best.

This guest blog post was written by Carlo Mundacia, an experienced operator of abrasive cleaning methods and shot blasting.

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