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Not many people realise that because we may not physically hand over money every day we aren’t spending but in actual fact we are. Some this we may not always be aware of and others we may be. Here are some ways you can save money every day.

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When you go grocery shopping try to buy bigger items. We often buy smaller bottles because they’re cheaper but for products such as washing up liquid and shampoo you can save more money in the long run by buying bigger bottles.  Also have a look for Tesco voucher codes which can help save more on your shopping


The way in which we drive can have an effect on how much petrol we use. Driving more conscious of gear changes can decrease your petrol bill which can add up considerably -especially if you commute to work.

Inflating your tyres to optimum level and turning down the air con can also reduce fuel bills.


If you eat out at work every day then this can amount to a lot of money over the course of the month. Buy all of your lunches for the week when doing your local weekly shop and spend 10 minutes a night preparing your lunch for the next day. This can also help with productivity at work because you will look forward to what you have to eat. For those dieting you can also avoid last minute lunches such as chips.

Eating out

I like to eat out every weekend, it’s a way of treating myself and I am aware that this can be expensive so therefore I check out restaurant vouchers online before I head out. There are loads of great offers such as free dessert of free kid’s meals which can get you more for your money.

Energy bills

Be conscious of the end of monthly bills every day. Rather than turning the heating up, put on another jumper. Turn the taps off when brushing your teeth and have a shower instead of taking a bath.


Keep your eye out for vouchers and try to use them wherever possible. Voucher Codes will help you to save money on everyday essentials, electrical items, clothing and much more. Printable vouchers are also available online for you to print off and take out.

With the recent news were in another recession try to save money every day and be conscious of the money you’re spending.

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