Prime Minister of Maltese Independence, Dom Mintoff Dies at 96

Dom Mintoff, former prime minister of Malta, recently passed away at the age of 96. A political enigma, Mintoff is both a celebrated politician and an ambiguous one. While some continue to contest his legacy in death, many have hailed him the ‘fiery proponent of Maltese independence’; even naming him the father of modern Malta. Either way, the charismatic Labour Party leader has left an undeniable mark on the coastal nation’s social landscape – and as such deserves recognition for his historical contributions.

Dominic Mintoff – Politician and Liberator

A champion in the eyes of the Malteses and a ruthless tyrant to his enemies, Dom Mintoff is popularly characterised as a secretive man who fiercely guarded the country that he helped rebuild after World War II. Interestingly enough, it was not Mr Mintoff’s political cunning that manoeuvred him into his tenure as prime minister. A qualified engineer and architect, Mintoff’s career as a well-known social legislator eventually saw him lead the Labour Party to victory in 1955.

During his 35-year reign, Dom Mintoff unceasingly fought for Malta’s liberation from foreign powers. Not willing to accept his nation’s status as a British colony, Mintoff paved the way to independence. His resilience was the blade that revived national dignity, and sought out economic and diplomatic ties that would bring Malta to the forefront of global politics.


Dom Mintoff’s domestic policies were often the subject of heady criticism. His critics spared now words in charging him with corrupting democracy by using patronage and unconstitutional legislation. There were even utterances that Mintoff used goons and bullying to hold onto his position as prime minister for a second term. When he resigned in 1984, he was officially one of the longest-serving governments in Europe – and still is today.

Even under the glare of his irreverent critics however, the resourcefulness of Dom Mintoff cannot be denied. His achievements are such that he was able to end his term as prime minister having set his nation on a concrete road to self-sufficiency.

Dom Mintoff’s Death Incites National Mourning

His hospital stint prior to his death was a signal of his rapidly declining health near the end. Still, Dom Mintoff’s memory encompasses the 68 year old man who confidently stated that he had rescued the island from spiritual and material slavery. Not one to regularly listen to other people; it is unsurprising that he delivered his own eulogy back then already. He will be sorely missed.


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