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If you’re looking for information online, you have probably banged your head against the wall a few times. Why? Badly organized information. The Internet may be full of information but a lot of it is sloppily organized and hard to make heads or tails of. Worse, many articles appear on many sites and this leads to confusion. One powerful organizing feature of the the Internet is categorization and subcategorization. That’s how info is organized in libraries and that’s the way it should be organized online.


Photo Credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/smemon/4976971895/

Kloofster, a newly-launched resource site, feels your pain and has set up a powerful well-stocked information channel that has properly categorized information. All info is interlinked so you can see how one post’s information relates to previous posts. This results in easy to find information. What’s more, this results in information that is easy to process and use.

If you are sick of information overload and confusion, visit http://www.kloofster.com today. They truly make your life simpler!

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