Polythene, Polylite and Polyair

Polythene manufacturers in the UK have become recognized around the globe for their research and development initiatives. These manufacturers have pursued the most updated solutions with vigor and integrity.

The industry is a boon to the UK economy as polythene and polylite products are being distributed in large quantities throughout Europe. In addition to a competitive marketplace, UK manufacturers are striving to find environmental solutions that reduce the carbon footprint.

Environmental Remedies

By its nature, Polythene is a strong, durable and versatile product recognized as an excellent remedy for volume packaging enterprises. However, on the whole plastic products are in disfavor with environmentalists who assert that plastic’s long life poses a threat to the ocean, unsalted water and the air we breathe.

A new product called Polyair is made from materials that are oxy-degradable in just two or three years. This marks a significant discovery for environmentally supportive UK manufacturers. The Polyair oxy-degradable additive is inserted in polythene in the extrusion stage of the manufacturing cycle. Through the oxy-degradable process, no methane is discharged, no fragments remain and potentially harmful residues are emitted. This is truly a landmark discovery for the industry. Environmentally responsible packaging product purchasers should do business with manufacturers who are developing solutions like this.

Polythene, polylite and polyair solutions

When ordering Packaging products, the buyer can choose the polyair additive be used. It is a recommended option. Customers who choose this option are adding to their green initiatives and taking steps to meet legislative standards.

There are two other initiatives that large polythene manufacturers are implementing. The first is a massive undertaking. Manufacturers now have the technology to re-use most recycled polythene products. This is a practice that buyers and their clients should be encouraged to support.

The other initiative that the country’s big polythene manufacturers have developed is the use of lightweight polylite. Rugged, durable and flexible polylite products provide substantial cost savings and run about 20 percent lower than the cost of polythene products.

Manufacturers are reaching out to new and existing customers. Polythene workplaces are energized to provide very user-friendly products that help reduce the packager’s cost. In many cases, customer can receive free samples with printed leaflets describing the products capabilities and limitations.

Whatever your packaging and shipping needs, contact a polythene manufacturer to catch up on the latest industry trends. Your customers will admire your initiative. Your bottom line will grow and your lightweight and heavyweight products will arrive intact. That’s the purpose, right?


Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Polythene_covered_crops,_Shiells_-_geograph.org.uk_-_121800.jpg

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