Personalising the Electric Cigarette

Electric cigarettes are a safer version of traditional cigarettes and allow you to get nicotine with less risk of chemicals and tar. They are quickly becoming popular around the globe as a safer alternative to cigarettes and are even used as a smoking cessation device by some people.

E-cigarettes are also a great deal cheaper than traditional cigarettes. In fact, after the initial purchase of batteries and cartridges, most people can save about 90% per day on their nicotine habit. Most e-cig cartridges are about equal to one pack of cigarettes and a pack of five e-cartridges are usually about the same price as 1 pack of normal cigarettes.

Another great thing about electric cigarettes is that you can personalise them to suit your needs and your personal taste.

Personalised Battery Sleeves

The battery is the main portion of the cigarette and is meant to look like a cigarette. Some stores allow you to buy e-cigs batteries with patterns or colours but you can also purchase sleeves to go over the battery casing.

However, if you plan on leaving the electronic cigarette on for long periods of time, take the case off to prevent it from overheating. For normal, short term use, the battery case gives you a great way to personalise your cigarette.

Personalised E-Cig Cases

Electric cigarettes are often stored in cases and it’s very easy to personalise the case. Some shops and stores sell patterned or designed e-cig cases while others sell customisable ones. You can get a case that charges your e-cigs as well if you don’t feel like plugging the cigarette in through a USB or wall cable.

Flavour of Choice

One thing that makes the e-cigarette so tempting is that the flavours are fully customisable. With cigarettes you will always be able to taste the nicotine and the tar. With electronic cigarettes you can smoke a cherry cigarette that tastes of nothing but cherry. Most e- cigs come with flavour choices including varieties of tobacco, vanilla, mint, menthol and even chocolate.

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Nicotine Levels

The most important thing that you can personalise about the e-cig is the nicotine level. You can either start out on a low dose of nicotine or start out with something a little stronger. You can also gradually lower your nicotine intake by purchasing lighter versions of your cartridge. In fact, this is how most people use e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

The electronic cigarette is a great device that can give you a healthier way to smoke, help you stop smoking or help you save money on nicotine. However, it’s important to note that most food and drug administration’s still recommend that it’s better to not start smoking than to smoke anything. If you must smoke, electric cigarettes are your best option.

If you want a safer, more affordable alternative to cigarettes, try electric cigarettes instead.

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