Observations About Driving in California

Everybody has encountered bad drivers but it does seem like certain areas of the country our worse than others. For instance when I was living in Texas most drivers are fairly friendly. They will let you over or go first in a parking lot. They generally don’t cut you off or tailgate and most people remember to use their signals. Not so in Southern California.

Drive or Die

This is the motto of drivers in Southern California. Seriously. When I first moved out here I was shocked at how aggressively people drove. I told myself, even made a promise, that I would not drive like that. It wasn’t long before I realized you have to drive like that just to keep up and stay alive. It’s sort of sad but you are pretty much forced into being a bad driver.

Forget Etiquette

There are a few common things I noticed that drive me crazy and it is really just a matter of a lack of courtesy.  You ever been wanting to get over and you look in your blindside and see a car and you signal to get over. Most places that driver would slow down to give you room or at best speed up to pass you so you can get over. Not so in Southern California, that driver often just stay there, seemingly oblivious to your intent. I have even had them speed up enough to pull up next to me but still not let me pass.

The counterpoint to this is that under U.S. driving law, it’s required to signal before your change lanes or turn. This seems to be entirely optional in California. I have been cut off so many time without warning it isn’t fun. So many times I will pull up at a stop sign and go while the car across from tries to turn into me and get mad at me. If they had turned their signal own like they were supposed to I would have known they were turning and not gone.


Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/redjar/168393404/

You Are What You Drive.

I usually drive used cars around Los Angeles because I can’t afford a new one. In fact, I drive a very beat up 98 Altima right now. I have noticed that the more expensive your car, the more important you are then everyone around you.  Right, I am being sarcastic but so many people seem to define themselves by their luxury cars.  I have noticed that most of these are the same ones who are rude and arrogant drivers.  I hate to say it but SoCal does live up to its shallow reputation.

Jeff Jordan lives and writes in Southern California. He writes about cars and life. Jazel Autodealer Websites can help you promote your dealership.

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