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How to Not Get Scammed by Contractors

Whether you are buying home improvement, home renovation or other types of home contracting services, insist on seeing your contractor’s license. The rule is simple: no license = no job. Got it? Keep this simple rule in mind when picking out contractors and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches and grief. Check out the licensed contractors guide to get a quick crash course.

How to get some accountability from your web designer

Normally, web design services and other web-related services are contracted for over large distances. That’s the beauty of the Internet. You can access web contractors the world over and enjoy the best prices. The problem is that many of these guys fail to deliver satisfactory work or fail to deliver at all. That’s why a growing number of web clients are looking for the accountability of local web design and SEO services. Sure, you don’t have to run across town to straighten something out but having your web provider only a phone call away helps a lot.

local web design and SEO services

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  1. charmzff8 says:

    As of today, there are many contractors in many websites that do SEO and mostly scam. To prevent from scamming, you can check every contractor’s paying history and it’s rate.

  2. Francesca A. Lopez says:

    It is nice to read posts about not being scammed when you need your home to be improved. It is true that when you need to hire people for your home projects, you should check if he or she is licensed.

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