Necessity of Recycling the Plastic Bottles

As like with any other thing in the world, there are both positive sides and negative sides of using plastic bottles. They are modern, well looking and convenient for usage. But on the other hand, they are reported to cause environmental damage and not fit for human use. So let us discuss more about this issue for deciding whether or not to use these bottles anymore.

Positive Aspects of using Plastic Bottles:

Plastic Bottles are very much convenient to use. They can be carried easily anywhere. Just by holding it in hand, one can carry them. Or they can be tied to the baggage or vehicle. They don’t get damaged easily. They are not broken. They have good durability. So they can be used for quite longer period. If maintained properly, the appearance or look of the bottle will also be good for quite extended periods. They don’t develop circles of dirt, even when they are not touched for many days. That means, they look good to use.

use recycled plastic bottles

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Plastic bottles are offered in a wide range of styles and sizes. Hence are very much attractive. One can use the model they like. Such kind of diverse models are not available in other metals. Only in plastic we can find different kinds of styles. This is one of the major reasons which is creating good demand and craze for plastic bottles in the market. When you have a plastic bottle in hand, you won’t feel much discomfort because they are not so heavy. So they can be carried easily.

Negative aspects of Plastic Bottles:

Plastic Bottle is not so good for health, as revealed by doctors and scientists. The major issue with these plastic bottles is that their disposal. Most of the materials will get decomposed in a particular time period. But plastic will not decompose soon. It takes hundreds of years for decomposition. So they will be present in intact form in the environment, like a pollutant. When a plastic bottle is not disposed properly, it will be thrown away in the trash. When any grazing animal consumes plastic, it will cause serious health problems for the animals. This will also lead to health problems for those who consume milk and milk products of these grazing animals, like cows, buffaloes, etc. Hence the usage of plastic and plastic products is questioned. Many organizations are also demanding for a prohibition on plastic products. Such is the level of damage caused by plastic. Also, the liquids and other food items kept in plastic will get damaged soon. They are to be consumed within a short period. If not, they will turn into poison. That means, usage of plastic bottle is very much risky.

Solution: Use Recycled Plastic Bottles

There is a solution for this problem. Plastic bottles are no more a threatening item. They might not be decomposed naturally, but man-made machinery can recycle the plastic and can enable the humans to reuse the plastic in other forms like boxes, molds, etc.

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