My wife cheated on me: moving on and up

One of the worst things a married man can ever hear is the phrase ‘my wife cheated.’ Talk about an explosive situation. Sure, it is easy to understand the anger but what about the profound and deep depression? What about the sense of betrayal? Make no mistake about it, if you hear yourself say the phrase ‘my wife cheated,’ you might get on a nasty emotional roller coaster ride you want to get off posthaste. It can really throw you off. It doesn’t matter how in control you might be in other parts of your life, the moment you find out your wife cheated on you can be quite devastating. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have, or how well-respected you are-infidelity is always devastating. Be that as it may, there are always to options when we are faced with devastation and disappointment-we can let them define us or we can let them push us forward. This isn’t empty pep talk or motivational mumbo jumbo. This is the plain unvarnished truth You have to fully understand this if you want to get over the most devastating statement you can ever hear yourself say ‘my wife cheated on me.’ Ouch. Here are some survival tips. They can help you move on and, best of all, up.

It is okay to feel angry

First, you need to understand that feeling heated and angry is fine. It is natural. The worst thing you can do after you realize ‘my wife cheated’ is to bottle it up. This is a formula for disaster-not just for yourself but for those around you. Bottling up anger can burn you. Instead, feel free to vent it. Let yourself feel anger. Let yourself feel the pain. The more you let it out, the less power it will have over you. The more you vent your anger, the less you will feel the need for revenge or getting even. This is crucial for understanding your options after you realize that ‘my wife cheated on me.’

It is okay to feel betrayed and abandoned

Next on the agenda is the feeling of abandonment. This can be tough on guys who were the children of divorce or who were abandoned before. Still, you need to let these feelings play out. Don’t let them control you. Don’t judge them. Let them pass through your lips and through your heart. Just as when yo are meditating you shouldn’t judge or label your thoughts, you should just let these rough emotions pass though.

Give your emotions time to work themselves through

The key to all these exercises is to let your feeling work themselves through. They might not work themselves out since infidelity is huge and painful but let them work though you. It’s kind of like letting an elephant parade pass. Just let it pass. This is crucial to getting your head clear so you can finally and decisively make the right choices after you hear yourself say ‘my wife cheated on me.’ Otherwise, you might be stuck on an emotional treadmill were you are just rehashing things again and again and feeling worse each time. Let it all out. This is the key to resolving issues.

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