My husband wants a divorce

Few words can stun your girlfriends than the following words: ‘my husband wants a divorce.’ Why? It resonates with most women. You think you know a guy long enough. You think you’ve build a great life together. Then, all of a sudden, the other shoe drops and he wants to drop you like a bad habit. The sad reality to all this is that it doesn’t matter how good-looking you are, how smart you are, how well you think you have everything going in your life. It can happen to any of your girlfriends. In fact, the worst situation is when you think that everything is going so well in your emotional life and then the reality hits. You hear the words leave your mouth: ‘my husband wants a divorce.’ If you find yourself in this situation, pay attention to the discussion below. They might not make your husband change his mind, however, these discussions can definitely shed some life into what would otherwise be a confusing and overwhelming highly emotional situation.

Understand the common reasons for divorce

You have to remember that guys ask for divorce all the time. You are neither the first nor the last case of divorce. Even if your husband asks you the question seemingly out of nowhere, understand and take refuge in the reality that divorce is a reality. It is a reality that happens to many good women. Don’t blame yourself. Don’t kick yourself emotionally. When the words ring out in your mind ‘my husband wants a divorce’-don’t’ let it defeat you. You need to have your wits about you or else you might lose focus and lose it.

Reading between the lines

When you realize that your man wants a divorce, don’t let the statement in your head ‘my husband wants a divorce’ get you down. Don’t let it throw you off. Instead, focus on reading between the lines. Is the divorce final or is he just wanting an opportunity for you and him to have a deep talk? Some guys say they want a divorce when they just want to talk heart to heart. Again, know which is which. You’d be surprised how much you can resolve with a deep personal no holds barred talk.

No divorce happens by accident

When you hear yourself say ‘my husband wants a divorce,’ you have to remember that no divorce happens by accident. They just don’t happen out of the blue. There are always warning signs. Be aware of these because they might help you as you talk to your husband to try and resolve the problem and prevent divorce. He might be confused. Maybe he’s going through a tough time and he feels alone. Be there emotionally for him. You’d be surprised as to what a little understanding and an open mind can solve.

Make opportunities to truly communicate

The real glue that holds relationships worth being in is communication. When you hear yourself say ‘my husband wants a divorce’, you might think all is lost. Don’t believe this. Don’t let the negative part of your emotions get the best of you. Instead, use this opportunity to truly and honestly talk to each other. There might be a lot of anger, tears, confusion, and emotional energy but once you completely hear each other out and understand each other, it might not be divorce you guys need.

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