Memorial Gift Ideas for a Friend Who Lost Their Dog

If you have a friend who recently lost their dog due to illness, old age or accident, she is going through a devastating time. Too many, dogs are so much more than simply a pet, they are a confident, a companion and most importantly they are part of the family. So saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do, and is often a very painful and upsetting time.

Understanding the difficult situation your friend is dealing with, it is commendable that you want to help offer some solace by giving a beautiful memorial gift in memory of their dog. While a kind ear may be what your friend needs, there are a number of thoughtful gifts that can lift her spirits and help her move through the many emotions that she is going through at this time.

Buy your friend an inspirational themed journal for a memorial gift. It can offer her words of positive wisdom and can serve as a release for her emotions as she uses it to write her thoughts and feelings. Encourage your friend to use it to document the many memories that are floating around her head, the good times, the not so good time and even how she feels today – all are healthy ways to help her move through the grieving process.

A scrapbook is another way to help your friend sort through her emotions. It can serve as a memory book as she, or you, put together wonderful keepsakes and images of her dog. A scrapbook may take a little time before your friend can work on creating; in the end will be a cherished gift she will keep forever.

Digital Frame
Along the same lines as the scrapbook, a digital frame is another beautiful gift that can display the many happy times that your friend spent with her dog. Fill the memory card full of images of the dog and your friend together so when she is ready, she can relish in the wonderful memories each image creates.

Paw Print Charm
Visit a local jeweler and purchase a beautiful charm bracelet with a paw charm – you could even have her dog’s name engraved on the back of the charm for extra special meaning. Charm bracelets are very popular, and this thoughtful and special gift would make the present even more cherished.

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Donation to Favorite Animal Charity
Show your love and support by helping other animals live a better quality of life. There is no greater gift, than the gift of life and you could really make a difference and honor your friend’s past dog by making a donation to a local animal shelter or your friend’s favorite animal charity. You could even begin volunteering in her dog’s name and ask if she would feel like joining you – giving you both a wonderful time with one another, all while doing a great thing and giving back to the animal community.

No matter what kind of gift you decide upon, the most important gift your friend can use is friendship – knowing that you are there for her and care about her is more than anything else you could ever do.

Susan Wright DMV is a dog expert and a vet. Susan writes articles featuring tips to create lasting memories with your dogs

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