Looking To Buy Lockers? Read This Before You Make A Move!

When it comes to buying lockers, the manifold factors can get you perplexed. There are so many different types and qualities of lockers available that you will eventually find yourself making the most absurd choices. For someone who is buying lockers for the first time, it takes a lot to settle for the best product.

Whether you are looking to buy a sports locker or a personal locker, there are several factors you will need to consider. Follow this guide and make the most of your hard-earned cash. Don’t settle for inferior products!

The Different Styles Available

Once you are out there looking for a locker, the first thing to pop in your head would be ‘which style to go for’. Different locker styles are available in the market today with each having its own purpose. You can’t just go ahead and buy a locker based on its appearance. You need to know which style is meant for what. For instance, a multi-tiered locker is best for storing small items such as wallets, mobiles, bags and the like. If you are buying lockers for your workplace, where more than one person would be using it for storing their personal belongings then multi-tiered lockers are best.

Study The Locking Options

Gone are the days when only key-operated lockers were available. Today, there is a wide range of locking options you can choose from. Here are of the most widely used ones:

–          Key Operated Locks: As the name implies, these lockers are unlocked and locked through keys. These are best for schools and offices, where there people have their own keys for their compartments.

–          Coin Operated Locks: Coin operated lockers are for lockers that are used by more than one person. You will usually find these lockers in public places, where people can lock the locker by inserting coins.


Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/5439665407/

–          Staple and Hasp Locks: These come with a padlock fitting. Staple and hasp locks are best for schools or offices, where each individual is responsible for his or her own compartment.

–          Combination Locks: Combination locks are best for personal usage. Today, you can find digital or programmable combination locks available. You won’t have to carry a key with you every time, as your code will be your unlocking means.

Decide on the number of users

Are you buying a locker for personal use or for use by your employees? Depending on the number of users, your options could vary. Keep in mind the number of users before buying lockers. You will have to be careful in selecting the right type since it is a matter of security. Even the slightest mistake can give birth to incidents like theft of personal belongings.

Before buying lockers, make sure you have your requirements listed. It is important to look for the most appropriate locker type as per your situation in order to keep your belongings safe.

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