Keeping Your Bar Safe From Thieves

During these tough economic times, more and more people are looking to the hospitality industry to cheer us up and improve our mood. Bars and restaurants provide us with an escape from our troubles and have done for decades. These establishments support us, so it’s important that we support them by continuing to visit so they don’t become a victim of the recession too, like so many have.

If financial support is partly the responsibility of the customer, the security of a bar or restaurant is the sole responsibility of the owner. As mentioned before, the economic climate has made a lot of people desperate, and if somebody was to turn to crime in order to support themselves, a bar could potentially become a target. As a hospitality business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure you lessen the chances of being targeted by thieves and criminals as much as possible.

What You Can’t See…

A simple and inexpensive way to secure your bar is to take away the attraction of your property. By keeping your liquor and anything else with a price tag attached out of view of the public when the bar is closed, you go a long way to improve your chances of not being targeted. Another way to ensure that your goods are not on show after hours is to have a security shutter or grille installed to the front of the premises. These heavy duty security products are made from steel or aluminium and even the most advanced level burglar will struggle to get past. They also come in a variety of styles and colours, so you don’t have to worry about the aesthetic of the property being ruined. With a grille, you can still have high visibility of the bar too, meaning that people can do a little window shopping during your closed hours, and you will still be protected.

Take Your Cash Home

Even the best security products; alarms, shutters, lighting… won’t guarantee that a criminal won’t manage to get inside your property, so it’s important that at the end of every shift, you take away your main asset: Money. If cash is off the premises, an intruder stands to make a lot less from you, and you will be hurting a lot less. It also pays to have a good insurance deal, so shop around and get your bar and its contents covered to the best you can.

Daley worked in the hospitality industry for eight years, so he knows how important it is to have great security for your bar. He works alongside SGG to help give businesses the highest level of security.

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