Keep Your Fleet Truck in Operating Condition

A fleet is a group of vehicles, owned either by a company or the government; an example of this would be a courier company or a public utility department. Fleets are usually used to transport products and commodities of various kinds. The general image that comes to mind when thinking of a fleet is a fleet truck. You have probably seen several delivery trucks for companies like UPS and FedEx. As these companies usually have several vehicles in their fleet, fleet tracking, or keeping track of the fleet, is very important.

The Fleet Truck
A fleet truck is usually the most common type of vehicle used for shipment across land. These trucks generally carry cargo that has to be delivered before a certain time; very often this is part of the terms of the shipment. As time is an important factor in fleet vehicle tracking, a large portion of this responsibility falls on the driver of the truck. As a driver, you are the person who is in charge of transporting the cargo in time. This makes it necessary to ensure that your truck is in proper working condition; regular maintenance will help you avoid many problems and malfunctions before they occur, cutting a great deal off of maintenance expenses.

  • Checking the fuel levels
  • Checking fluids, oil, and filters – low liquid levels can cause engine overheat, while low oil levels or stuffed filters can cause serious engine damage.
  • Joint lubrication – rusted joints can lead to dangerous chassis malfunction during the ride.
  • Checking the tires – proper tier pressure allows for lower fuel consumption and increased safety.
  • Visually inspecting the vehicle – one of the ways to spot needed repairs; repair work should always be done by professionals.

Though these might seem like mundane tasks, many times they can save your truck from breaking down. A problem with the proper running of your truck will mean a delay in shipment, and even though not all problems can be foreseen, the ones that can be avoided are usually just a matter of a few mundane tasks.

Additional Tools to Ensure on Time Deliveries

Vehicle management systems help companies keep track of exactly where each of their trucks is at any given point of time. It also records data, number of destinations reached, and repairs on each of the vehicles, among others.

Another helpful asset, are many fleet management systems available to fleet operators, and GPS, is one such system. GPS provides real time information on shortest routes, road blocks and alternative routes which enables drivers to avoid many delays, and it is important for you to ensure your GPS is in working order.

A good driver, operating fleet truck, and an efficient fleet tracking system are the keys to ensuring timely deliveries and increasing business performance.

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