Keep Cool in the Time of Emergency

While the residents of the Deep South and Texas are intimately familiar with the heat of summer, almost every region of the United States has its times of uncomfortable hot weather. Customers, employees and business owners are alike in the fact that they like to stay cool during the Spring and Summer months. In fact, no matter the reason, most people will avoid a business that is uncomfortably hot. Here are some times when cooling towers may just be the answer to your temporary cooling needs:

Temporary Cooling Towers

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Despite the best planning and a host of backup systems, commercial air conditioners do occasionally fail. The problem may be mechanical, electrical or caused by an unknown source. In any event, a temporary cooling tower will keep your customer and your employees from feeling the heat. Not only will your business continue to operate as scheduled but you will avoid any health issues that are exacerbated by the hot weather.

Peak Times & Special Events

In the same vein, a special event or busy time of the year will see a significant increase it the customer traffic to your store. A temporary cooling tower will augment the services of your existing AC equipment. Not only will your customers be happier and more inclined to buy but your air conditioner will also benefit from the reduced load and last far longer. As an added benefit, cooled air can actually be diverted to outdoor tents or other exterior spaces thus effectively increasing the size of your establishment. You are only limited by your imagination.

A/C Retrofit or Replacement

Business owners dread the day that their commercial AC system finally fails. It usually happens at the most inopportune moment and will take a substantial investment to correct. Still, business owners are pragmatic people and they will do what is necessary to keep their business functioning. A temporary cooling tower is the ideal choice for maintaining a comfortable temperature in a space while the main AC system is being repaired or replaced.

The Benefits of “Cool”

These days, customers expect the best from every company and are quick to find fault or a reason to leave. An uncomfortably warm environment will drive customers away as surely as rude employees or high prices. It is a situation that cannot be ignored by the prudent business owner. Temporary cooling towers are the versatile and affordable option that avoids this difficult situation.

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