It is Easy to Look Great Even in the Rain

Everyone knows how hard it is to keep that great look up during the rainy season. A quick walk to the car through the parking lot can do a number on the makeup. Even with an umbrella, often the face cannot be completely protected from the elements. Mascara starts to run, eyeliner disappears, and the blush fades very quickly when moisture is added into the mix. A cosmetic bag can be the answer. They are cute little plastic or leather bags filled with touch up makeup that can be used all through the day. Everyone should carry this handy little bag of goodies to keep that just made up look.

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Because a quick shower can ruin makeup very quickly, it is a good idea to plan ahead and use a few well known beauty tips for the rainy season. No need to stop wearing foundation and mascara, just rethink what products are used. There are products that are made to get wet. Using a little less foundation that is waterproof is a good place to start. If the base foundation is very close to the natural skin color, it will often be easier to keep it smudge free. All this wonder can come from the cosmetic bag.

Powder is something many people forget about and yet it is the perfect product to carry in the makeup cosmetic bag. It is easy to apply and will take that greasy shine of the skin that comes after the makeup has washed off. It can be used often during the day and will keep the skin looking just as fresh as it did when the makeup was first applied.

Someone who has flawless skin might want to skip this tip and use a small bit of waterproof concealer instead of the powder. Remember less if often better when it comes to makeup, but if used, it can hide a multitude of problems.

Mascara is the biggest problem in the rain. It is the first thing that begins to smear. Many people don’t realize their mascara is running and the results can be embarrassing. The answer is a good water proof mascara and there are several of them on the market. Find one that works well and one application during the morning will often be all that is necessary. The problem of course, is how to get it off. Once on, it will be best removed with a good makeup removal product. There are some designed just for eyes and they will be gentle enough to use every day.

Eye shadows that are natural or lighter than normal will often be a good answer for the rainy season. Again, waterproof is the key. Stay away from the darker colors when rain is in the forecast. There are lots of shades to choose from and this quick tip will keep the shadow from forming a dark line in the crease of the eyelid.

A creamy blush is usually a good option during the monsoon season. It is a good answer to the powdery blush that will wear off very quickly, in any type of wet weather. It is not made to resist the moisture. So keep a good cream blush in the makeup bag that can be applied quickly during the day. Lip stick can be used in a pinch and will be a good alternative, if nothing else is available.

Never give up using makeup just because it is raining. There are some great beauty tips to use and most of them work well. Keep a little bag of tricks hidden in the purse every day and remember waterproof is often the key. It is always nice to feel at one’s best and with all the products available today, there is no reason not to.

Marie Hemming is now working for an online beauty store.


  1. nica angelica says:

    I always have a little cosmetic bag with me where I can put my powder, lip gloss, lipstick and other beauty products. a little bag can really help a lot in keeping your things organized especially the ones that keep you pretty all day.

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